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2000), and scaphopods (Wanninger & Haszprunar 2001) where the en gene has a conserved role in molluscan shell formation.
In the deepest block (I) surficial sediments were classified as Globigerina clay devoid of an oxidized layer, whilst the adjacent block (II) contained an assorted biogenic hemipelagic biota (foraminifera, pteropods, scaphopods, micromolluscs, and echinoid and sponge spicules) and a discrete oxidized layer.
Potential trace-makers proposed for Protovirgularia include crabs (Gumbel, 1879), annelids or arthropods (Richter, 1941; Volk, 1961; Claus, 1965; Greiner, 1972), scaphopods (Seilacher and Seilacher, 1994), and bivalves (e.
Description of Tertiary Mollusks (Additions to gastropods, scaphopods, pelecypods: Nuculidae to Malleidae).
rugosa was found inside shells of the scaphopods Fissidentalium megathyris and Rhabdus dalli, surrounded by mud.