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The scaphopods (or "tusk shells") burrow into sea-floor sediment using their muscular "foot" and live head-down.
Scaphopod beads have also been recovered from Carpenter's Gap Shelter 1, a cave in the same Devonian formation but about 200km west of Riwi.
Potential trace-makers proposed for Protovirgularia include crabs (Gumbel, 1879), annelids or arthropods (Richter, 1941; Volk, 1961; Claus, 1965; Greiner, 1972), scaphopods (Seilacher and Seilacher, 1994), and bivalves (e.
There were 135 complete specimens and 48 fragments of molluscs, dominated by scaphopods and gastropods, while the bivalves are represented by two small fragments only.