scaphoid bone

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the largest wrist bone on the thumb side

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Caption: FIGURE 4: Technical note (Maestro WRS): (a) Clinical photograph demonstrating the use of carpal component without scaphoid augment, the distal pole of scaphoid bone is not excised (arrow); (b) clinical photograph demonstrating the use of carpal component with scaphoid augment (arrow), the entire scaphoid bone is excised.
The scaphoid bone is split into two regions: the proximal pole and the distal pole, separated by the middle of the scaphoid bone called the waist.
Initially, I thought I was uninjured, but later that day I discovered I had broken the scaphoid bone in my wrist, but let me get back to my story.
The scaphoid bone is the largest bone in which part of the human body?
The intraosseous and extraosseous vessels provide a vascular supply to the rest of the scaphoid bone.
But while Beckham rests his fractured scaphoid bone and contemplates a summer break, the man who has been waiting for his chance for so long will also reluctantly be putting his feet up.
Beckham went off with a broken scaphoid bone in his right wrist but Jordaan said: "He is a huge icon and the support for him here is unrivalled.
DAVID BECKHAM will be in plaster for up to eight weeks after fracturing the scaphoid bone on his right hand on Thursday during England's 2-1 win over South Africa in Durban.
Haase suffered the injury early in the season, but repeated X-rays during the course of the season did not reveal the fracture to the scaphoid bone in his right wrist.
As might be expected, fractures requiring reduction and those involving an articular surface or the scaphoid bone had the worst outcomes.
Complications arising from a broken scaphoid bone in his hand have kept Snellgrove out of action all season and the best he can now hope for is that his recovery will enable him to fit in a couple of games in September.
The former world junior champion broke the scaphoid bone in his left hand sparring fellow Teesside kickboxer Kieran Jones.
Puhringer, "Chronic fractures and pseudarthroses of the scaphoid bone of the hand.
The muscle may get inserted into the fascia of the fore arm, thenar fascia, hypothenar fascia, pisiform bone or scaphoid bone.
In 1996 he fractured his scaphoid bone in his wrist for the first time, by 1999 he had broken or fractured it more than 10 times.