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The boy suffered scaphocephaly (from Greek skaphe meaning light boat or skiff), premature closure of sagittal suture, which causes both parietal bones to be held together.
Classification of craniosynostosis Non-syndromic Suture involved Simple Scaphocephaly Sagittal Anterior plagiocephaly Unilateral coronal Posterior plagiocephaly Unilateral lambdoid Trigonocephaly Metopic Compound Variable More than 1 suture Brachycephaly Bilateral lambdoid Turribrachycephaly Bilateral coronal Syndromic Crouzon's syndrome Typically bilateral coronal Apert's syndrome Usually coronal, often lambdoid Pfeiffer syndrome Multiple suture involvement Other, e.
Two had hypertelorism; one associated with frontonasal encephalocoele; one with plagiocephaly, one had Scaphocephaly and one with microcephaly.