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Synonyms for scantily

in a sparse or scanty way


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After the rather scantily furnished pocket-case which contained these instruments was exhausted, the physician turned to his saddle-bags, and produced various phials, filled with liquids of the most radiant colors.
One could see from a distance the inner wall with its scantily furnished shelves, and the deal counter painted brown.
A parlor and a kitchen, a smoking-room, a bed-room, and a spare chamber for a friend, all scantily furnished, sufficed for the modest wants of the owner of the property.
Mr Squeers, having bolted the door to keep it shut, ushered him into a small parlour scantily furnished with a few chairs, a yellow map hung against the wall, and a couple of tables; one of which bore some preparations for supper; while, on the other, a tutor's assistant, a Murray's grammar, half-a-dozen cards of terms, and a worn letter directed to Wackford Squeers, Esquire, were arranged in picturesque confusion.
Remember, monsieur, that there were four of us and we couldn't fail to see everything--the chamber is so small and scantily furnished, and all was locked behind in the pavilion.
Winthrop was one of these: she was in all respects a woman of scrupulous conscience, so eager for duties that life seemed to offer them too scantily unless she rose at half-past four, though this threw a scarcity of work over the more advanced hours of the morning, which it was a constant problem with her to remove.
His face was a strong, a very strong, aquiline, with high bridge of the thin nose and peculiarly arched nostrils, with lofty domed forehead, and hair growing scantily round the temples but profusely elsewhere.
Formula One bosses have ditched the scantily clad grid girls from the sport as they are at odds with "modern-day society".
Controversial celebrity blogger Mocha Uson has been complaining that anti-Duterte forces are dredging up her old sexy (read: scantily clad) photographs to shame her publicly.
named comic book superhero Wonder Woman as an honorary ambassador to fight for gender equality Friday, amid criticism that the scantily clad fictional character was an inappropriate choice.
The place is known for its scantily clad men in speedos, but Gloria's people said she was just protecting her image, and it had nothing to do with the likelihood the men were gay.
One of the ads showed a caricature of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the driver's seat flashing a peace sign while three scantily clad women sit gagged and bound in the trunk.
A senior official at Dubai Municipality clarified that beefing up on the dress code was essential after scantily clad women who looked as though they had clearly spent the morning at the beach, continued to wear the same attire when visiting the zoo, located in Jumeirah.
The Rebus author joked that some of his newer followers on the social networking site appeared to be curiously scantily clad.
On May 27, a lewd photo of a man's scantily clad lower torso was tweeted from Weiner's account to a 21-year-old female Seattle college student.