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analysis of verse into metrical patterns

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In (1), we see that the traditional scansion (7) gives the metrical structure [?
For him, the difference between meter and rhythm is the difference between relative simplicity and complexity: "The notation of scansion defines with comfortable accuracy metrical structure; the rhythms of even the simplest poem are too complex to be ever completely analyzed" (39).
This can mean modifying the scansion of a line or searching for the perfect word.
49) The scansion suggests to me that the name 'Navvie on the Line' may originally have been a mnemonic ditty or piece of doggerel.
She submits to poetry tutorials, stumbling through lessons in scansion and figurative imagery (,'Poems are a strain to work out").
Occasionally the turns of phrase here descend below the social class of the characters, and her changing of the hour of assignation between Falstaff and Alice to suit the scansion could easily have been avoided.
81) On 4 May 1979 Prof Henderson presented a workshop on scansion at RAU for teachers and pupils, but the annual Latin Reading Competition scheduled for 9 June had to be cancelled due to insufficient entries.
Vespasian has emended the passage to read [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ('O Laches, Laches, / when you die once again you will be / Kerylos') by changing the final half of Menander's first line, keeping the second intact, omitting the third line and emending the first four syllables of the fourth--and in the process perfectly maintaining the Greek original's iambic trimeter scansion.
The contributions, which frequently comment on each other, discuss such topics as the "triggers" of changes in vowel systems that tend to be represented as chain shifts, methods of coding for information-structure of Old English syntax, the use of older verse in determining authorship and reconstructing language change, analysis of the fidelity of scansion in modern English translations of Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the exploitation of independent metrical evidence to assess the (possibly Chaucerian) authorship of The Romaunt of the Rose, and current approaches to morphosyntactic change in English.
At one point, for instance, he asks himself why he should bother counting bus numbers at all and concludes that their calm-inducing familiarity and regularity offers a necessary scansion to the unruffled monotony of his day.
On constate, avec un peu d'amertume, la pregnance du calendrier politique et militaire dans cette scansion du temps litteraire colonial.
Its truth imposes itself naturally, as it were, and all the more so that it is thrust forward with the authoritative force of biblical scansion and metaphors: "Now he is bone of their bone, flesh of their flesh.
The rhyme schemes of the poems published here follow the most common type of scansion used in the area.
Comparison of writers' styles, markings of scansion and exegesis regarding poetics are a few examples of these other annotations.
In many respects, scansion is a more difficult process when Caribbean poetry is examined, because often the metrical patterns are not those with which critics are familiar.