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disgracefulness that offends public morality

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I don't think so, because beyond scandalousness and fame other qualities are needed.
Even the TTAB has admitted that the scandalousness of a mark may actually generate more interest in a product or service.
Wars, especially civil wars, have a way of making respectability scandalous and scandalousness respectable, and that is just what the American Civil War did.
25) Moore's poetry, too, for all its scandalousness has an emphasis on liaisons past rather than present or future.
Local politicians are fulminating in Galway about the scandalousness of Monaghan walking around the stage in his altogether, but in the long run it's the theatrical institutions involved that are the most exposed here.
Today we are blind to Modernism's scandalousness, and I admire Pennell for not writing it off, though she was uncertain how it could be considered a finished work.
42) Such responses move towards the strangely double-edged judgment that the book's scandalousness was also grounds for its justification: the extremity of its frankness or its effusiveness is both shocking and inviting.
Yet the performance is brief, and aside from the song lyrics and Leander's lacy gown there is little about the nonchalant Miss Vane that signifies scandalousness or "loose morals.