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Synonyms for scandalmongering

spreading malicious gossip

typical of tabloids

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Rest assured that my commitment to flim-flam, tittle tattle and scandalmongering remains as resolute as ever and that I will be doing my best to bear out this column's motto - "rufi sunt magni" (ginger people are great) - in everything I do.
Fiction allows for more complex character development and more exploration of cultural issues than the hyperedited, scandalmongering `reality' shows, which represent only a gayness that is titillating and, ultimately, palatable to a straight audience.
Impatient with an election campaign which has so far served up nothing more interesting than John Prescott's fracas in Rhyl, pathetic groups of scandalmongering hacks this week scoured the country.
What would have happened to one of the most important First Ladies in American history if the scandalmongering media of today had existed in the 1930s and had gotten hold of these letters?
Because the palace would never comment directly nor openly deny any story, it was a licence for outrageous scandalmongering to be treated as fact.
And since we took Henry's refusal to join in the scandalmongering to be a confirmation of the rumor--if he had wanted to demur he would have spoken up--that left the field wide open for fun and games.
Maliszewski touches on some of these issues but is ultimately more interested in scandalmongering, the scandal here being that Chabon, author of short stories, novels, and a comic book, is--hold on to your hats--a writer of fiction.
As Louise and her councilors strove to develop her image as Regent and symbolic mother of France, the libidinal, appetitive engagement with the world that diplomats and courtiers reported Marguerite to have enjoyed may have to some extent been cultivated to deflect gossip and scandalmongering from the older generation.