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Synonyms for scamper

Synonyms for scamper

to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride

Synonyms for scamper

rushing about hastily in an undignified way

to move about or proceed hurriedly

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In stories of ghosts and murderers they scamper through the echoing rooms, and the gnawing of their teeth is heard behind the wainscot, and their gleaming eyes peer through the holes in the worm-eaten tapestry, and they scream in shrill, unearthly notes in the dead of night, while the moaning wind sweeps, sobbing, round the ruined turret towers, and passes wailing like a woman through the chambers bare and tenantless.
No, thank you; but I see the boys want a scamper, so, if you don't mind, they may escort you home, but not go in.
His companions had passed on whilst he was at his orisons; but his young blood and the fresh morning air both invited him to a scamper.
Away scamper three boys to the scoring table, and are back again in a minute amongst the rest of the eleven, who are collected together in a knot between wicket.
But, boys, if it should turn out as Ahiram thinks, that there are Indians near us, we may have to scamper up the rock, and lose our suppers after all; therefore we will make sure of the game, and talk over the performances of the Doctor when we have nothing better to do.
Spiders had built their webs in the angles of the walls and ceilings; and sometimes, when Oliver walked softly into a room, the mice would scamper across the floor, and run back terrified to their holes.
This is about the twentieth time I've had to scamper up those countless stairs to that painting-room of yours, all to no purpose, because your people thought you were at home.
CHILD'S PLAY: Brain (Hayes), Igor (Cusack) and Scamper (Buscemi)
James says she named the foal after her childhood home town of Clayton, New Mexico, where she met Scamper when she was 11 years old.
Conveniently placed benches and a circular walkway around the tree offer residents a chance to stroll, meditate, visit with each other, or simply enjoy feeding and watching the antics of the fox squirrels that scamper about, while listening to birdsong in the branches overhead.
In a ritual observed on rural roads across America every weekday, children tumble out of yellow school buses and scamper home as a winter afternoon slips toward dusk.