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The caller said Wal-Mart offered to settle his case for $750,000, but that he owed $750 to his landlord who wanted the money by the end of the day or the scammer would be evicted.
Mobile phone users in Qatar have been advised not to answer calls from unregistered numbers to avoid being duped by scammers from foreign countries.
If one of them happens to be a business member and falls for it, the scammer notches up another success.
Ask officials there to call the police department in the city the scammer has given for his address (cop--to--cop will have more impact).
You might even begin to feel sorry for the scammers but Shiver cautions: "No matter how harshly I treat them, you should waste no sympathy".
One option is to simply delete the e-mails, says Eve Edelson, author of the new book Scamorama: Turning The Tables On Email Scammers.
The scammers prey on victims by cold calling them and impersonating HMRC members of staff.
The sad reality is that in most cases, once you have fallen victim to a scammer, the money is gone and theres nothing you can do to get it back.
The top phone scam of the year seems to have been what the company called the "neighbor scam," in which the scammer calls you using internet telephony to reflect a number which has the same first six digits as your number, tricking you into thinking the call is from somewhere nearby, maybe a friend or a local business.
The Sunday Mail managed to track down what appeared to be the principal female scammer to a university on the Turkish Cypriot side, and also uncovered the real identity of the woman whose photos were stolen from social media to perpetrate the fraud.
SPRINGFIELD - Springfield police intercepted a scammer in action Tuesday afternoon, saving a woman from losing nearly $6,000 that she thought would keep her from being deported.
The scammer, who used the same profile picture that Musk uses for his official Twitter account (though there are small differences, if you look closely), created an account - @elonhmusk - which looks very similar to Musk's.
Eight scam calls are made every second in the UK and you are now more likely to receive a call for a scammer than your own family or friends.
Victims are told to go to a local shop, buy these vouchers and then read out the redemption code to the scammer who has kept them on the phone the whole time.