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Synonyms for scaly



Synonyms for scaly

having the body covered or partially covered with thin horny plates, as some fish and reptiles

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The Scaly ant-eater (Manis crassicaudata) is one of the four extant pangolin species found in Asia (IUCN, 2008).
A new species of parasitic mite; Cnemidocoptes jamaicensis, a causative agent of scaly leg in Turdus aurantiacus.
The build-up of these dead cells creates the aforementioned scaly patches.
Nevertheless, the scaly problem affects people of all ages -- although it has a distinct proclivity to affect youngsters around age 20 and/or people in their fifth or sixth decade.
Walling through the buildings we own, Fred saw some areas that he discussed improving and now we're exploring several renovation projects," Scaly said.
Symptoms include dull facial expressions, a low-pitched and hoarse voice, dry and scaly skin, brittle hair.
GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS -- Consider the possibility of acquired zinc deficiency in patients with persistent red, scaly skin on the hands and feet, Dr.
The Pet Club has a great site for animal lovers with loads of information on all kinds of pets from tiny chiuauas to strapping stallions or scaly snakes.
Scaly anteaters are the only other animals known to have tongue tubes in their chests.
Other observers have reported that scaly anteaters extend their tongues about 50 percent of their body length.
They are flaky and scaly, no matter how mush lotion I put on them.
Scaly crocodiles, lumbering turtles, slithering snakes and dragon-like lizards.
They were to return for the full gator extraction as soon as the scaly head surfaced.
Many are affected by the illness, which causes the skin to become scaly and flaky and can be inherited or develop later in life.
Fossils of a scaly, 375-million-year-old creature may be a long-sought "missing link" in the evolution of some fishes from water to a life walking on land.