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a thin straight surgical knife used in dissection and surgery

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As mentioned above, various studies were undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of electrocautery over scalpel in making skin incision and results are varying.
Suddenly he took out a scalpel from his jacket and pointed it at my neck.
Rosenhan's idea was to fashion a surgical scalpel with a retractable blade that was controlled like a click pen.
Conclusion: Harmonic scalpel is better alternative to traditional Monopolar Electrocautery in LC due to decrease incidence of GBP.
But on October 12, 2009, and May 28, 2010, respectively, the doctors supported the scalpel theory.
Harmonic scalpel is one of the ultrasonic activated surgical instruments which are currently being utilized for abdominal surgery, thyroid and parathyroid surgeries.
Key words: CO2 laser, Scalpel, fibroblastic proliferation, wound healing, fibrosis, collagen deposition, partial glossectomy.
Surgeon Mr Evan Davies of Southampton's Spire Hospital used the scalpel to slice through the backbone and expose the tumour on Peter Withinshaw, who had a tumour pressing on his spinal cord.
Upon receipt of a setpoint weight, the pneumatic scalpel will smoothly "knife off" from a filled vane of the rotary feed drum the precise amount of material needed to complete a batch or fill a container.
SAMSUN, Aug 6, 2010 (TUR) -- An obsidian (volcanic glass), belonging to 4,000 years ago and used as scalpel in surgeries at those times was brought into daylight during the excavations carried out in ruins in Ikiztepe village in Bafra town in Black Sea province of Samsun.
We aimed to share our experience of harvesting IMA by using ultrasound harmonic scalpel (Harmonic Scalpel, Ethicon, Cincinnati, USA) in 158 patients for a time period between September 2005 and September 2006.
Speaking of Muse Frannie (who gets to keep her claws, as we promised), here's a scientific report that conjures memories of the James Bond villain, Auric Goldfinger: "Evaluation of short-term limb function following unilateral carbon dioxide laser or scalpel onychectomy in cats," as reported in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (Vol.
Joel Berman presents Scalpel, a gruesome murder mystery about a serial killer who sees his wife driven to suicide by a relentless malpractice case against her--and takes horrific revenge upon the attorneys who prosecuted it.
Still, only about 40 percent of vasectomies are done sans scalpel, despite the fact that no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) was introduced to the United States in 1988.