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Synonyms for scaling

the act of arranging in a graduated series


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act of measuring or arranging or adjusting according to a scale

ascent by or as if by a ladder

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This switch-based out-of-band approach is also much more amenable to a "scale-out" scaling strategy.
National Laboratory proposed a model to explain quarter-power scaling in mammals (SN: 10/16/99, p.
Tamir & Lunetta (1977) compared the use of ipsative and normative scaling of cognitive preference tests.
Long before production grinds to a stop, scaling can exert a more insidious influence, says Mike Davis, parts manager for AEC/Application Engineering.
How the emergence of a new model, scale-across, or diagonal scaling, will force a total rethinking of the traditionally binary scale-up/out decision; and
Independence of these two layers--computation and storage--is achieved without sacrificing horizontal scaling of either layer.
Scaling is set so that the same result should be obtained from both instruments.
Although filmmakers continue to ignore scaling laws, scientists have known about them for hundreds of years.
is the innovator of grid and utility computing solutions that simplify the deployment, operation and scaling of online services.
The high-performance NPS family now includes three product lines, scaling from a few hundred gigabytes to 100 terabytes, to address a broader range of data sizes, workloads and customer requirements.
From this, it is clear that nearly all service providers are just beginning to address scaling issues.