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having the body covered or partially covered with thin horny plates, as some fish and reptiles

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We are performing kinematic analyses on the faults (D3), folds (D2), and scaley fabrics (D1) in these two units, ultimately to create a viable tectonic model for the overturning/emplacement of the Galera Grit and creation of scaley fabrics in the Toco Cataclasite ("melange").
Mr and Mrs Norman, erection of single-storey |extension and raised patio, Scaley Gate, New Mill.
25, Eugene residents and their furry, scaley and feathery friends will parade around the park blocks at Eighth Avenue and Oak Street.
COME inside the scaley - and scary - home of Rita Murray where reptiles roam free.
SEAN WHITE, 40-year-old fishmonger at Tooting Broadway market, may be used to humping crates of the scaley stuff about.
He targeted a known hotspot between three gravel bars at 60 yards and on a bunch of red maggots fished on a running rig hooked into a fish known as The Scaley Mirror, which walloped the scales round to 47lb 4oz.
All the favourites are there, lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, plus there's a large reptile house with all those slippery and scaley things
They are also free from the scaley scurf on the skin which many among the other Tribes have, and has a very disgusting appearance.
The most common scale insects are identifiable by the scaley, hard cover that's their natural protection.
Brilliant," Stacey declared excitedly, stroking their blackened, scaley heads.
Moments later, two scaley flippers and a giant head loomed into view, just inches from my snorkelling mask.
But a bug-eyed scaley reptile managed to take them both on and become a smash hit.
The skin may become scaley and slough off in tiny flakes in many areas where the rash has been.
Peter Trinder, 49, has been turning heads at Laytown, Co Meath, by bringing his scaley pal for walks along the strand.