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They were the same whom Apollyon and ourselves had persecuted with taunts, and gibes, and scalding steam, at the commencement of our journey--the same whose unworldly aspect and impressive words had stirred my conscience amid the wild revellers of Vanity Fair.
A CARE home firm have been fined PS20,000 after a woman with learning disabilities got into a scalding hot bath and suffered severe burns.
Her husband suffered burns on his arms while trying to rescue her from the El Tatio geysers, near the desert town of San Pedro de Atacama, which are famous for shooting scalding columns of water and steam into the air every morning.
A MAN whose wife poured scalding water over him shows his horrific scars in a bid to highlight male domestic abuse.
Video Exposes Suppliers to Atlanta-Based Chick-fil-A Throwing, Kicking, and Scalding Chickens Alive - Group Urges Fast-Food Giant to Adopt New Animal Welfare Standards
Ople Policy Center, Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ezzedin Tago, said the employer and his mother had filed a "qadf" saying that Fahima had falsely accused them of scalding her with hot water.
Mrs Justice Dobbs, who heard that the toddler died of septic shock after suffering severe burns in a scalding hot shower at her Birmingham home, jailed Eva Logina for six years.
A BIRMINGHAM magistrate and his former girlfriend have been jailed for the killing of a two-year-old girl who died of septic shock after she was held under a scalding hot shower.
What you dip in it is up to you," advises the wary voiceover, like one who knows that scalding hot cheese doesn't mix with that other staple of Seventies suburban decadence, the swingers' party.
What should have been a fun splash-about at the end of the day turned into a nightmare when he fell into a tub of steaming water, scalding his body.
One of the most difficult things for me to understand as a neophyte backyard butcherer was the matter of scalding.
Seventeen children were scalded while an older child 7 to 14 years of age, was cooking or carrying the scalding substance or supervising the younger child.
Margaret tried to turn off the hot water but was in such unbearable pain that she slipped and fell, landing on her side and leaving her exposed to the scalding water.
Seeing the business that we've built move on successfully through new generations and hopefully the introduction of the anti-scald building regulations we have campaigned for, which should help prevent the surprising number of deaths and serious injuries caused by bathtime scalding.