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a white Southerner who supported Reconstruction policies after the American Civil War (usually for self-interest)


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a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel

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Sunday, during the Eugene debut of Portland pirate rockers Captain Bogg & Salty, kids and their escorts will have a chance to wear their best scalawag gear for an afternoon of plank-walking, pirate-themed party music.
However, we should not let ourselves be so pleased with his knowledge of a rapier or a scalawag that we do not see the potentially more troubling aspect of this young boy's work.
The scalawag pulp writer, pre-Dianetics, took off for Florida with Jack's girl and most of his money, supposedly to buy boats to bring to California and launch a business operation they'd jointly own.
And rather than turn it over to a scalawag like Montero, he is prepared to blow the entire business sky-high.
Let that occasional scalawag that crops up among us every now and again be cause for rededication of purpose and strengthening focus on goals.
In his debut as a director, he played a one-legged pirate (Peg) in Scalawag in 1973.
But wait, there's more: These terrible new scalawag doodles "appeal to an international market"; the Americans and Japanese may be involved in this one.
But in peacetime, as that clever scalawag Nixon used to observe, you don't really need a President.
Our sense of the new conditions she has to cope with has been strengthened by our glimpse of the carpet-bagger and, straight after the love-scene, by the visit paid to Tara by a scalawag -- none other than Jonas Wilkerson, the Yankee overseer dismissed near the start of the film for seducing the girl whom he has in fact since married and whose typhoid killed Mrs.
That old scalawag George "Kingfish" Stephens intercepts the mail of his Knights of the Mystic Lodge fraternity brother, Andy, and finds that Andy has an 1877 nickel for which a collector will give trim $250.
Well, there was a real scalawag named Melvin on our street who tried to blow up a cat with a firecracker one Fourth of July, but I think somebody told me he grew up to be a lawyer.
A scalawag in Georgia; Richard Whiteley and the politics of Reconstruction.
The News continued a kind of war throughout Reconstruction as it led a five-year campaign to wrest political control of Texas from "the alien, the scalawag and the thief.
Preschooler pirates will learn to swashbuckle, heave ho and scalawag as they join the Back-yAAR-digans in the new half-hour special adventure "Pirate Camp," premiering Monday, June 9, at 9:00 a.