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Some late bloomers, like Sea Aster, Western Gorse and Devil's-bit Scabious, are programmed to bloom now.
I love to use it with touches of soft lime green or with accents of mauve, magenta or shocking pink, sometimes just a single flower - a pale mauve scabious or crimson peony - is enough to create a stunning look for any room.
The parchment-pale scaffolding of dried Scabious gives a spunky look to an array of dried flowers and the endearing poppy offers both its flowers and picturesque seed-pods for drying.
The novel begins with Ellie awaiting her wedding with Granville, which is disturbed by Constable de Scabious and his followers.
In Marguerite and Myrtle (1937; whereabouts unknown), (12) featuring a bouquet of flowers picked from her garden, the starry white forms of the marguerites are set off by the dark-leaved myrtle and tiny wine-red scabious.
I lost all appetite for life's ordinaries, went about unbathed, unshaven, ill-dressed, even my shoes were a scabious disgrace.
And freckles of tiny scabious and wild cyclamen decorating, petit point, the hedgerows and cool, shady woods where blackberries wait for the plucking.
But from the air, its traces will surely be seen for ages, and wandering through the meadow that is to replace it, people will be surprised to find corn cockle, vetch, devil's bit scabious, selfheal, agrimony, yarrow, ox-eye daisy and quaking grass: the plants of old England, all strangely gathered within the walls.
So do most thalictrum and the giant yellow scabious, Cephalaria gigantia.
Short periods of cattle grazing reduce the grass to a height of about 10 cm without eliminating the orchids and herbs: the latter include Devils' Bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis), early gentian (Gentianella anglica) and meadow saxifrage (Saxifraga granulata).
Try scabious, love-in-a-mist, all blue forms of larkspur, penstemon and iris and lots of blue bulbs that flower in the spring.
As I went into Hexham something led me to Waitrose - a shop I've not been to before - and there on the flower display were two buckets of scabious, a delicate blue flower which was just right.
Insect-friendly plants include hebe, sedum, yarrow, heather, foxglove, buddleja, allium, scabious, pulmonaria and flowering cherry.
The plants were kindly funded by Co-operative Cymru Wales, and one of their criteria for sponsorship was to use insect-friendly plants, so the garden includes lavender, penstemon, achillea and scabious, among others.
Michaelmas daisies, including asters, lavender, the ice plant (Sedum spectabile), scabious and honesty, are all butterfly magnets.