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Andy Garcka, Greenford, North West London: Try scabious (both knautia and scabiosa species), coreopsis, Anthemis tinctoria and cultivars of Geranium wallichianum.
Scabious plants have feathery blooms, usually in a pale lavender or cream.
3) Grow some hardy perenni a small garden, recommende priced plants are Astrantias, Scabious of which there are If regularly dead headed, the have a prolonged flowering p better news is that the slugs interested in them.
The butterfly's decline is thought to be because of the loss of flowery meadows rich in devil's-bit scabious - its favourite food plant.
Crocus and heather are good for spring, scabious and borage are great for the summer and try sedum and asters for the autumn.
The areas of land seeded with species such as lesser knapweed, field scabious, birdsfoot trefoil and red clover aim to provide a food-rich habitat for pollinators such as wild bees, honeybees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths.
And that the species you might see could include Foxglove, Bluebell, Primrose, Meadow Cranesbill, Field Scabious, and Ox-eye Daisy.
Scabious "Blue Butterfly" starts producing neat, but bold, lavender blue flowers from the spring, continues throughout summer and on into early autumn.
Mae'r enwau ar y planhigyn yn ddiddorol, devil's-bit Scabious ydi o yn Saesneg gyda llaw.
For butterflies try planting a variety of plants such as buddleia, ice plant (sedum), lavender, Michaelmas daisy, marjoram, red valerian, aubrietia, scabious/field scabious, French marigold and hebe.
Part of the scabious family, this variety produces striking dark crimson double buttons about 2cm across and stalks rising to around 60cm, never dwarfing other plantings behind it.
Scabious Clive Greaves anchusa and dark blue lavenders would be set off by evening primroses and the cream pompons of cotton lavender, Santolina chaemaecyparroses Bowle's Variety.
The ten-stamp set features images of various bee species from across the UK - also including the Scabious Bee, Great Yellow Bumblebee, Northern Colletes Bee, Bilberry Bumblebee and the Potter Flower Bee.
Try scabious, love-in-a-mist, all blue forms of larkspur, penstemon and iris and lots of blue bulbs that flower in the spring.
Insect-friendly plants include hebe, sedum, yarrow, heather, foxglove, buddleja, allium, scabious, pulmonaria and flowering cherry.