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Coronilla varia, Polygala maior, Gentiana cruciata) and tall forbs (Centaurea scabiosa, Peucedanum cervaria) and scattered scrubs.
Asteroids 1227 through 1234 are named 1227 Geranium, 1228 Scabiosa, 1229 Tilia, 1230 Riceia, 1231 Auricula, 1232 Cortusa, 1233 Kobresia, 1234 Elyna.
The USDA advises that the following plants develop best for transplanting if grown at 60 to 65 degrees and 10 to 12 hours of light each day: calliopsis, China aster, cornflower, strawflower, gaillardia, globe amaranth, petunia, phlox, poppy, portulaca, rudbeckia, salpiglossis, scabiosa, snapdragon and verbena.
The Blue de Bleu bouquet is made up of a mixture of azure flowers such as blue hydrangea, scabiosa, hyacinth, lisianthus and blue thistle - decoratively arranged in an oval glass vase.
Following an archaeological survey, (19) beds and plant collections were recreated, and a collection of Scabiosa caucasica registered with the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens was rehoused here.
Kumarasamy Y, Nahar L, Cox PJ, Dinan LN, Ferguson CA, Finnie D, Jaspers M, Sarker SD (2002c) Biological activities of lignans from Centaurea scabiosa.
I love doronicum (yellow), scabiosa (blue) pyrethrum (pink and red), trollius (orange) and peonies (pink).
Other tried-and-true nectar plants include lantana, liatris, scabiosa, Mexican sunflower, verbena,joe-pye weed, zinnia, marigold, cosmos, phlox, butterfly weed, aster, coneflower, black-eyed Susan, blanketflower, yarrow, bee balm lavender, sage, and oregano.
A case study of Scabiosa columbaria and Salvia pratensis by Bijlsma et al.
To be sure, I omitted such plants as scabiosa, which must be planted early to come into blossom before frost, and the late asters and cosmos, and several other annuals in the late-blooming class, but I neither missed them nor regretter their absence, for there was such a generous wealth of material to choose from.
Astilbe / Eucalyptus / Fern Geranium / Grevillea / Kumquat Lisianthus / Rosemary Scabiosa / Veronica / Winterberry
The bride carried a hand-tied bouquet of ranunculus, peonies, scabiosa pods, seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller, hydrangeas, and succulents.
Dear Diarmuid, Recently, the plant of week was Scabiosa caucasica "Clive Greaves".
An oasis foam wreath ring, florist's wire, lace, ribbon or twine offcuts, flowers and greenery, such as gypsophila, roses, hydrangea, scabiosa (flowers and seedheads), lavender, flowering mint and rosemary