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I love doronicum (yellow), scabiosa (blue) pyrethrum (pink and red), trollius (orange) and peonies (pink).
You can choose from: Scabiosa Burgundy Bonnets; Campanula Blue Waterfall; Penstemon Jean Grace; Geranium Summer Skies; Geranium Blue Sunrise; Heliopsis Lorraine Sunshine.
To be sure, I omitted such plants as scabiosa, which must be planted early to come into blossom before frost, and the late asters and cosmos, and several other annuals in the late-blooming class, but I neither missed them nor regretter their absence, for there was such a generous wealth of material to choose from.
The bride carried a hand-tied bouquet of ranunculus, peonies, scabiosa pods, seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller, hydrangeas, and succulents.
Collect cornhusks, pine-cones, rose hips, and seed pods from flowers such as poppies or scabiosa to create holiday centerpieces.
Dear Diarmuid, Recently, the plant of week was Scabiosa caucasica "Clive Greaves".
YOU WILL NEED: An oasis foam wreath ring, florist's wire, lace, ribbon or twine offcuts, flowers and greenery, such as gypsophila, roses, hydrangea, scabiosa (flowers and seedheads), lavender, flowering mint and rosemary 1 Soak the oasis in a bucket or sink full of water.
36 1 Centaurea scabiosa 60 2 Campanula glomerata 12 11 Carlina vulgaris 32 5 Poygala comosa 45 7 Order Bromion erecti .
The seeds of the Centaurea scabiosa (Greater Knapweed), Dipsacus fullonum(Teasel) and Helianthus (Sunflower) are just a few pretty must haves too.
Scabiosa caucasica 'House's Novelty Mixed' provides a gorgeous blend of enormous mixed shades of lavender, pinks, cream and white flowers and as the hybrid name suggests, they are simply made for both garden and vase.
17th: Late spring takes on momentum as spiderwort, scabiosa, lupine, small-flowered mallow, daylily, stella d'oro lily, fire pink, yucca, blue flax, foxglove, achillea, swamp iris, wild grapes, cow vetch and lamb's ear start flowering in the field and garden.
Other new flowers which may take your fancy include scabiosa atropurpurea Beaujolais Bonnets (Thompson & Morgan), a delicate-looking pink and white-fringed beauty.
Fit window boxes with some hanging strawberries or long-flowering blue scabiosa and make a narrow border with large brightly-coloured or tall flowers.
Kumarasamy Y, Nahar L, Cox PJ, Dinan LN, Ferguson CA, Finnie D, Jaspers M, Sarker SD (2002c) Biological activities of lignans from Centaurea scabiosa.