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Synonyms for saying

go without saying


  • be obvious
  • be understood
  • be taken for granted
  • be accepted
  • be self-evident
  • be taken as read
  • be a matter of course

Synonyms for saying

something said

a usually pithy and familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as wise or true

Synonyms for saying

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Additionally, you can "remove the difficult burden of saying 'no' by delegating that responsibility to an attorney or accountant," Hadnott suggests.
Vigil agrees, saying that final product production volume and feed size would determine which size of crusher to buy.
In fact, they can send out a letter to their customers saying everything is hunky-dory, which is often wrong.
I am not saying that all of these problems can be solved overseas, but I still believe that there are more opportunities.
A lot of companies will be coming to you saying, 'We have a problem here, how do we work through all this?
He always does yoga and a floor barre and never goes onstage without saying a prayer.
Last month, the ACS journal editors released a formal statement saying that, in general, they won't consider for publication any work that has appeared on an electronic preprint server.
Would I start getting things in the mail saying, `Hi mixed person?
As media coverage brought the pervasive nature of industrial pollutants - from hazardous waste dumps to polluted rivers and wells - into American living rooms, Gibbs says women began saying, "Wait a minute, that's my backyard.
Callers may respond by saying such wide-ranging phrases as "I have a billing question," or "what is the status of my package?
I'm strapped down, partially nude, scrubbed--and she's holding a clipboard over my face, saying 'you have to sign for general anesthesia,'" Brindley recalls.
But saying "it was meant to be" when treatment is successful can be hard to hear for those who walk away with empty arms.
We wouldn't ever think of gathering all the exceptional children at the other end of the spectrum and saying they all get the same program.
Schwartz also says many manufacturers choose to use bridge grates as opposed to multi-support grates on the bottom of the shredder, saying that they're built to last longer.