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An alternative but more expensive approach could be to add one additional x-ray log scanner to the saw line prior to the first sawing machine.
A Black Country maker of sawing machines for the metals industry is poised to clinch a series of deals after being helped reach European Standards.
According to different authors, when estimating the specific cutting resistance of frozen wood processed on frame sawing machines, the known values related to cutting of unfrozen wood should be multiplied by a specific factor, depending on the wood temperature:
The answer is determined by the metal to be cut, the size and shape of the material, and even the condition of the sawing machine.
Reproducibility of a sawing machine may be assessed only in the long term.
28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Industrial Tube and Steel, one of the leading suppliers of custom cut metal, steel tubing and cast iron, has added a high tech sawing machine to their factory equipment.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of a sawing machine, drilling and machining of rails and room.
Euroboor's product range covers magnetic steel drilling machines, sawing machines, bevelling machines and annular cutters and equipment.
He has daily access to sawing machines, hammers and chisels.
sales turnover in 2006 was around $8-million including spares and ancillaries sales, with about 55% of that in sawing machines.
They're also looking for volunteers to re-train to use the new sawing machines.
The DoALL Company offers specialty saws, material handling systems, and automated storage/retrieval systems, in addition to its full line of standard sawing machines, band saw blades, and cutting fluids.