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primitive ray with sharp teeth on each edge of a long flattened snout

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While consensus to advance the sawfish, devil ray, hammerhead, and thresher shark proposals was reached in Committee, Peru and Chile at the time expressed opposition to listing silky sharks on CMS Appendix II.
In return, three barramundi, three catfish, one sawfish and twelve bream were caught at two Fitzroy River sites.
From the heart-pounding experience of Dangerous Lagoon, a football-field length glass viewing tunnel with moving glide-path sidewalk through sharks, green sea turtles, sawfish and moray eels; to the hypnotic dance of Pacific sea nettle jelly fish which illuminate an array of breathtaking colours from within the world's largest kreisel tank at Planet Jellies, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada will captivate Torontonians as well as guests from around the world and is expected to draw over 2 million visitors per year.
Mr Peirce said such surveys were vital in getting new laws passed that protect certain species, adding such action had already been taken in Bahrain and Qatar to protect certain species - the most recent being a law prohibiting the fishing of green sawfish, described as critically endangered locally.
But Barbara Wueringer of the University of Western Australia in Crawley got a rare chance for a more natural look at a freshwater sawfish, Pristis microdon, in tanks in Australia just after the fish were collected from the wild.
Cape York's rivers are some of the most biologically rich in Australia, providing valuable habitat for a number of endangered species including the estuarine crocodile and the freshwater sawfish.
As a rider he had been associated with the prolific point winner Sawfish, trained by Martin 'Scot Lane' Tate's father, who Michael recalls winning at Colwall Park and prompting the form book comment 'jumped well, made all, spectacular'.
Which reminds me of "hand-carrying" freshwater sawfish from Cairns, Australia, to the Berlin Aquarium in Germany with Lufthansa).
Manatees, sawfish and caimans meanwhile plied the lake's mangrove waters.
Despite the slowing down of the economy, Sawfish Software's innovats ive edge is helping public sector bodies and councils save money and improve their working practices, but also support the local economy by being able to recruit several new members of staff.
I BOUGHT this sawfish snout many years ago and want to sell it now.
The largetooth sawfish, a popular curio item known for its sawlike snout, was proposed as a federally endangered species on May 7, less than three weeks after massive amounts of oil started gushing into Gulf waters, pointed out George Burgess, a UF ichthyologist and sawfish expert.
The team also found ancient pottery, coins, whale vertebrae and fossils of seals, sawfish as well as crocodile and turtle parts, Saad said.