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a framework for holding wood that is being sawed

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In some cases these sections were essentially tree-length logs while at other logging operations these sections were the final log products (depending on whether the logging operation was running a sawbuck at the landing or manually bucking).
The Sawbuck app is designed to let users search the Multiple Listing Service for homes for sale, open houses and recent sales.
Sawbuck also added service in the San Francisco Bay Area.
32 The slang word sawbuck signifies how many US dollars?
I didn't back the winner this year, but I did have a double sawbuck on the place horse.
Remembering the British LW & US SCR-602 Radars, The Sawbuck Gazette: For and About ETO Signal Aircraft Warning Battalions, Vol 16, No.
Bean News, a daily newspaper we hatched at the Pub at Masonic and Geary, across the street from the Sears and Sawbuck, published exactly one number in the whole of the decade.
It bothered us -- enough to dig into our wallet for a sawbuck.
On our trip with Sawbuck Outfitters, the canvas tents are clean and roomy; cots and camp chairs are cushy luxuries no backpacker could afford to carry.
Wilmington charges $79 for a single or double, and Austin is a sawbuck more expensive for the same accommodations.
Here is yet another example of what half a sawbuck will get you if you invest it wisely.
He declaims it and then dashes off to sell it, which he does after, great difficulty, for a sawbuck.
Hayes' originals, Half A Sawbuck and The Sausage Scraper, are catchy and great for blowing through; Angel Eyes provides a chance for the leader to swap his saxophone for vibes.
the tavern table, the sawbuck table, the hutch cabinet, the settle chair, the Windsor chair --all were built to do a job," he says, "and do it well.
WASHINGTON, March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Online real estate broker Sawbuck Realty (www.