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log large enough to be sawed into boards

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In both manual systems, these machines replaced the horse--with the forwarder carrying pulpwood in the shortwood system, and the skidder dragging saw logs for the long-wood system.
Examples of industrial roundwood products are saw logs, pulpwood, veneer logs, poles, posts, and logs used for composite board products.
While the reduction will directly impact cash flow from operations, it is not in the best interest of the company to sell high quality saw logs at current prices," said Michael J.
2) Gain on Saw log supply agreement termination $ 13.
Saw log and finished lumber prices have also fallen because of the yen's drop, but the market is still flying high, compared with the deep recession values of 1981 through 1985.
As part of the same verdict, however, the jury unanimously found in favor of Weyerhaeuser when it determined that the plaintiff failed to prove a case that there was monopolization of an alder saw log market or damages after December 2001.
We saw log file auditing as an essential piece to compliance, but it was difficult and time consuming to analyze, report on and correlate information across multiple platforms in a language that all levels of business could understand.
In facing stiffer global competition from low-cost saw log producers in countries such as Brazil, Tembec has taken to shutting down their pine operations in Ontario and Quebec to import logs from their Chilean operations at half the cost.
The court must restore the alder saw log market in the Pacific Northwest to a condition that ensures free and open competition for the available resource,'' says the lawsuit, filed Monday in U.
Southern saw log pricing declined a modest 4 percent during the quarter despite sharply lower lumber and plywood prices.
The average price of the industry benchmark #2 fir saw log increased slightly from $627 to $631 per unit during the identical periods.
Figure 1 shows that the proportion of logs associated with rough green lumber, chippable product, and sawdust resulting from the log conversion process remained relatively constant for most saw log grades; almost 60 percent for rough green lumber, 30 percent for chippable volume, and 10 percent for sawdust.
For gang and chip and saw log types, it includes the rehaul to the domestic mill, ($/[m.