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Synonyms for savouring

taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality

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Weller and the red-nosed gentleman had commented on this inhuman usage in a very forcible manner, and had vented a variety of pious and holy execrations against its authors, the latter recommended a bottle of port wine, warmed with a little water, spice, and sugar, as being grateful to the stomach, and savouring less of vanity than many other compounds.
Breakfast being at length over, Mr Codlin called the bill, and charging the ale to the company generally (a practice also savouring of misanthropy) divided the sum-total into two fair and equal parts, assigning one moiety to himself and friend, and the other to Nelly and her grandfather.
GRAEME DOTT is savouring every minute of this year's World Championship.
It means the German is down in 15th place in the drivers' championship and is now looking forward to savouring his final race, which he was unable to do during his first retirement in 2006.
It's all about savouring food without guilt or shame and not thinking that less flesh - either on your plate or your skeleton - is better.
This attracted visitors who soon grew used to savouring the delicious pastries that originated in the monastery.
Four ads show people mulling over the meaning of life while savouring a glass of Leffe.