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Synonyms for savouring

taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality

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It's all about savouring food without guilt or shame and not thinking that less flesh - either on your plate or your skeleton - is better.
This attracted visitors who soon grew used to savouring the delicious pastries that originated in the monastery.
Four ads show people mulling over the meaning of life while savouring a glass of Leffe.
Instead of savouring the fruits of success cash-strapped Jocky is fighting a battle against depression in a run-down council house.
IF yOu'RE in need of inspiration, check out these brilliant short films from around Scotland featuring fascinating stories of the real people who are part of amazing things to see and do; from watching steam train drivers prepare the engine before whizzing across the world-famous Glenfinnan viaduct, to savouring hand-dived scallops from the Isle of Skye.