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non-negotiable government bond

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ALSO READ: DMO issues first FGN Savings bond to retail investors
The central bank of Singapore has said that individuals will be able to apply for and redeem Singapore Savings Bonds through banks.
Although that appears to be a worthy goal that might save some paper and administration costs, I think that if the Treasury wanted to stay in the savings bond business they should have considered their primary market.
Since the savings bond option costs states nothing, but can help people build their personal financial assets, state lawmakers ]nay want to promote it to their constituents through their newsletters and websites.
This year, purchase options for savings bonds are scheduled to expand to include titling the bonds in the name of a taxpayer and a co-owner, such as a child or a grandchild.
454-1(a)(1) enable cash-basis taxpayers to account for the savings bond interest on the accrual basis and report the interest earned each year on these savings bonds.
The fixed rate of return, applicable at the time a Series I savings bond is issued, will apply to the bond throughout its 30-year life.
The goal of reducing the tax bite on their savings bond interest income has been realized by making these clients more tax-efficient
This article evaluates two important income withdrawal strategies available to households looking for low-risk retirement income: the purchase of fixed annuities and planned withdrawals of savings bond investments.
Other good children's accounts, says the website, include Halifax Children's Regular Saver' Scarboro BS Children's Savings Bond' Yorkshire Bank Child's Savings Bond' Bradford & Bingley Children's Bond and Abbey Children's Savings Bond.
Each winning student received a $100 savings bond from Wells Fargo Bank.
Savings Bond from Metro Homes, LLC as the winner of an unusual contest to rename a luxury condominium building Metro will build in the City's Oceanfront Asbury Redevelopment District.
EE Savings Bond and the second-prize winner will receive a $250 U.
StratRoost selections were as follows: First Place Senior Division -- Physics Project 1203, "Velocity, Acceleration and Three Dimensional Position Using a GPS and a BasicStamp2 Processor," Bryan Kowal, Grade 12, Omaha South High School, $500 savings bond and StratRoost certificate; Second Place Senior Division -- Physics Project 1202, "The Effect of Streamlining on Airfoils," Ryan Klug, Grade 11, Lakeview High School, $200 savings bond and StratRoost certificate.
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