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non-negotiable government bond

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The central bank of Singapore has said that individuals will be able to apply for and redeem Singapore Savings Bonds through banks.
The Ontario Financing Authority has confirmed that the interest rate for the 2008 Variable-Rate Ontario Savings Bonds will remain at 1.
Once your tax refund is placed into your TreasuryDirect account, log in to your account and select the savings bond or other Treasury security you would like to purchase with your tax refund.
Since the savings bond option costs states nothing, but can help people build their personal financial assets, state lawmakers ]nay want to promote it to their constituents through their newsletters and websites.
By eliminating credit card purchases, the government will restore the program to its intended investment objective and save significant money by not having to pay the credit card transaction fees on savings bond purchases made by credit card.
According to Treasury News Release PO-854, a new series of EE Savings Bonds have been designated as "Patriot Bonds" after the Sept.
92 percent interest, has been out for three years and is indexed to the rate of inflation, said Mack Stamper, the Treasury Department's liaison to DOD for the savings bond campaign.
Meanwhile, a savings account and Savings Bonds are good places to start for any beginning investor.
Housing Bonds would be issued in denominations and at interest rates comparable to the current Savings Bonds program.
savings bond is a low-denomination, non-marketable Treasury security that is easily purchased, liquid, and safe--its principal and interest are guaranteed by the U.
The interactive timeline features archived images of savings bond posters, special events and other memorabilia through the years, including photos or videos of movie stars such as Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney and popular television programs such as "Lassie," "The Bugs Bunny Show" and "Cheers.
Garay won a gold medal, a $100 savings bond and a trip to New York City, where he will compete in the National Grand Championship for a $10,000 college savings bond.
Taxes: Savings bond earnings are exempt from all state and local income taxes, but, according to the Bureau of Public Debt, they are subject to "federal income taxes and estate, inheritance, gift, or other excise taxes, both federal and state.
Those inclined to use software for such pursuits might be interested in the Savings Bond Wizard (Wizard), a program that can be downloaded free from the U.
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