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Moving on a Republican showcase proposal, the House approved on Thursday tax-free savings accounts that supporters say will give parents more control over their children's education by helping them pay for private school tuition, tutoring and home computers.
Mintel Comperemedia's email-tracking panel shows that 94% of ING's 2007 savings account offers listed rates above 4% (when any rate was disclosed).
The Consumer Banking, Savings Accounts and Checking Accounts comparisons help users narrow down their options and make the most informed decisions.
Medical savings accounts can play an important role in keeping the cost of health insurance down, because "they reconnect employees to the economic and financial consequences of their health utilization decisions," Battistella said.
In fact, the general manager of the motorcycle apparel maker wanted his company to be the first in California to offer medical savings accounts to employees.
Money market deposit accounts offer some degree of access to your money and a higher rate of return than savings accounts.
Barclays is to become the first major UK bank to offer instant interest on cheques being paid into savings accounts for personal customers.
Once you've found a suitable high yield savings account to use, schedule automatic transfers from your paycheck or checking account to your savings account.
Personal finance and consumer interest rate site GOBankingRates releases its ranking of the best online savings accounts for savers in 2014
The emergency fund should be kept in either a savings account or credit union--a place where money can earn interest but still be accessible.
That's basically what I have - catastrophic health insurance with a medical savings account to cover expenses.
Calculator Helps Consumers Find Best Savings Account Based on Return on Investment
31, calls for three new types of accounts: Lifetime Savings Accounts, Retirement Savings Accounts and Employer Retirement Savings Account.