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a fund of money put by as a reserve


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You're of age now; you ought to be saving for yourself.
Labor's deposits in the savings banks are only a sort of reserve fund that is consumed as fast as it accumulates.
Three banks of Bungtown, South Dakota, failed, and more savings of the workers swallowed up
The most prudent choices are investing, putting money in college savings or retirement accounts or paying off debts.
Health savings plans, which are linked to high-deductible consumer-driven health plan products, are supercharging innovation as both the insurance industry and individuals begin to understand that health savings accounts can transform not just health care, but also the whole spectrum of savings and risk management services.
Substantial amounts of information are available on Energy Savings Performance Contract award requirements, measurement, and verification, but we have found very little information on the day-to-day management of a comprehensive program.
To exert enough control over the situation to achieve meaningful savings can seem to be a dream that's far out of reach.
The costliest gridlock occurs at the Interstate 101/405 interchange in the San Fernando Valley, where estimated savings would amount to $6.
and thereby acquire its wholly owned savings association, Emerald Coast Bank, both of Panama City Beach, Florida ("Emerald") after that institution's conversion from a state-chartered savings bank to a federally chartered savings association.
In many cases, owners of commercial properties are realizing savings of up to 9 percent per year during Phase I of.
The tax paid is based largely on the cost of personal consumption during the year and, if the individual has savings, on the income derived from that saving.
Most taxpayers view tax-deferred savings (TDS) plans as desirable vehicles for reducing current income taxes and accumulating greater funds for retirement.
Thus, the lower the rate, the smaller the return on your investment For instance, last February, the Treasury Department lowered the guaranteed minimum interest rate on savings bonds - one of the best savings deals left.
Princeton NJ based College Savings Bank, the exclusive provider of the CollegeSure CD, and a subsidiary of PacificLife Corp, has begun its twentieth year of operation.
President Bush's proposals for new tax-free savings accounts might look like more bad news for the variable-annuity industry, but industry consultants, players and observers said that's not necessarily the case.