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guarded from injury or destruction


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Washington, who, after uselessly admonishing the European general of the danger into which he was heedlessly running, saved the remnants of the British army, on this occasion, by his decision and courage.
In this crisis, however, she is saved by Marija Berczynskas, whom the muses suddenly visit.
and has saved your life, Lieutenant- General Alison, and shall protect it the rest of his life - he's yours for a kiss
No, Zermatt would send out searching-expeditions and we should be saved.
Percy Driscoll slept well the night he saved his house minions from going down the river, but no wink of sleep visited Roxy's eyes.
He had accomplished the task he had set himself, his promise was redeemed, he had saved Charles.
He saved the credit of the Erie by telephone--lent it five million dollars as he lay at home on a sickbed.
I have saved your carriage, Philippe," said a friendly voice.
Bar Comas was stone dead, and only the most herculean efforts on the part of Dak Kova's females saved him from the fate he deserved.
he cried, passing the bottle to Porthos, "we are saved -- the bark is supplied with provisions.
She may be saved by your efforts, by your resource and fortitude bearing up against the heavy weight of guilt and failure.
Thus of his own inward motion he saved the city of the Aetolians; but they now gave him nothing of those rich rewards that they had offered earlier, and though he saved the city he took nothing by it.
Their office is to illumine and enkindle -- My duty, to be saved by their bright light, And purified in their electric fire, And sanctified in their elysian fire.
This funny tin man," she answered, "killed the Wildcat and saved my life.
And as the dwarf came to the brink of it, he saw the two ducks whose lives he had saved swimming about; and they dived down and soon brought in the key from the bottom.