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guarded from injury or destruction


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If he were of the highly skilled workers, he would probably have enough saved up to tide him over.
To the companies that sell perishable commodities, an instantaneous conversation with a buyer in a distant city has often saved a carload or a cargo.
Because of her courage, nearly all were saved, though she herself was drowned at the switchboard.
One farmer had kept his barn from being burned down by telephoning for his neighbors; another had cleared five hundred dollars extra profit on the sale of his cattle, by telephoning to the best market; a third had rescued a flock of sheep by sending quick news of an approaching blizzard; a fourth had saved his son's life by getting an instantaneous message to the doctor; and so on.
How the telephone saved a three million dollar fruit crop in Colorado, in 1909, is the story that is oftenest told in the West.
The average length of haul from barn to market in the United States is nine and a half miles, so that every trip saved means an extra day's work for a man and team.
But when the danger was most imminent, we were saved in a mysterious way.
Percy Driscoll slept well the night he saved his house minions from going down the river, but no wink of sleep visited Roxy's eyes.
Oh, thank de lord in heaven, you's saved, you's saved
She may be saved by your efforts, by your resource and fortitude bearing up against the heavy weight of guilt and failure.
Saved duck egg damask jacquard luxury double duvet cover with two pillowcases, Julian Charles, on offer PS45.
And our elbow grease shows it's definitely worth the switch as we saved more than PS44