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Synonyms for saurian

any of various reptiles of the suborder Sauria which includes lizards

of or relating to lizards


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We fired, nearly at the same moment, the ball from my revolver striking the tough hide of the Saurian, glancing off and falling into the water some fifteen yards beyond him.
The common elements of habitat associations with saurian bipedal locomotion were first considered by Snyder (1952), who divided bipeds into two groups: primarily terrestrial species living in open, sandy or rocky areas; and lizards living in brushy or forested areas that may be classed as arboreal or semi-arboreal.
Out of the Depths of Saurian Waters: On Psycho-Bakhtinism, Ethnographic Countertransference, and Naven.
A witty, lighter take on the history of The Presbyterian College entitled Adventures in P-C Land: A Saurian Testament has happily been included as an appendix.
Helminth acquisition thus appears to be related with the diet of saurian reptiles (Sanchis et al.
But a New Zealand tuatara, which is essentially a relic of the saurian age and the only surviving representative of an entire order of reptiles, would get high marks.
After they had both slaked their thirst, the saurian and the hunter, under the patronage of the most senior member of the order of crocodilians, signed a pact of friendship, in terms of which the man would organise a party every year in honour of the animal race that lived in the sacred pool of Tabou.
The advanced human civilization has transcended racial and sexual prejudice, yet encounters galaxy-spanning tragedy in the form of a deadly war with the Tauron, a vicious saurian race bent on conquest and destruction.
It also sported a thinly disguised saurian DOS interface.
Unexpected comedy came when the gorilla wrestled the giant saurian.
There is, I have learned, at least one further option, one which would appeal neither to saurian types or speed freaks.
Warblers and finches on our backyard feeders trace their ancestry to the ferocious saurian raptors that terrorized pre-history.
In keeping with the company's ironic saurian naming scheme, this is short for pterodactyl, and like its older brother, the "T-Rex" zSeries 990, it is based on the G8 series of mainframe processors.
Similarly, in "Abrupt Extinctions at the End of the Cretaceous," we are ostensibly allowed insight into the demise of the brontosaurs, as the saurian narrator kicks off the story with the anticlimactic explanation for the extinction, "We were tired.