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Synonyms for saturnine

Synonyms for saturnine

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

Synonyms for saturnine

bitter or scornful

Related Words

showing a brooding ill humor

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10,18-22) Yet, hyperuricemia is expected to precede the possible secondary complications (increased creatinine/urea and saturnine gout) related with nephrotoxicity.
Reagan's political genius was to convert Nixon's saturnine and ultimately self-defeating vision of an America divided into a compelling (if no less divisive) narrative.
Gout was found in half of the patients with chronic lead nephropathy Known as Saturnine gout.
There is saturnine menace and a dangerous jokeyness that has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.
The 3x3 squares: jaundiced, blueprint, seductions, skylights, nightmare, saturnine, renovates, elongates, misparsed.
This saturnine description of the American situation highlights a sobering social and political wreckage, which can in large measure, but not entirely, be interpreted as the inevitable outcome of reform liberalism.
As the gravitational field of Saturn patterns what would otherwise be mere space detritus, so the author's sensibility, saturnine indeed, draws features of the text that might at first appear random toward a center.
The figure of Inamorata in the early frontispieces of Burton's Anatomy provides a kind of paradigm for the representation of the saturnine lover.
de Saussure examined the Latin saturnine verses but also numerous fragments from "De rerum natura" by Lucretius, concluding that the strict twice repetition of some graphic (phonetic) sequences belongs to the "vates" Latin poet's technique.
Tanaka writes, "In the saturnine, melancholic vision of the Baroque, history is nothing but a ceaseless downfall" (2011, 275).
There's more fire, exuberance and joy, and just possibly a dash of canny improvisation, in his amusingly saturnine, stirringly compassionate performance than last year, and, my goodness, is it ever infectious.
Operating as a police officer named Jim Hammond, the Torch was soon one of Timely's most active superheroes in the battle against the Axis, fighting alongside Captain America and Bucky, the saturnine Sub-Mariner (whom he also battled in legendary "fire vs.
The first movement opening then reappears in E[flat], pausing on a fermata-held dominant chord (marked pianissimo decrescendo, with a saturnine pedal B[flat] in fourth horn).
Devlin, 'a saturnine Irishman' in Mailer's words, was hired by him in 1948 to edit Naked.
Yet many readers not already captivated by his saturnine writings might well be drawn into their orbit after reading Christina Hunsche's Textereignisse und Scblachtenbilder.