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The tulip tree moth's schedule follows this common saturniid mating and ovipositing pattern; however, the promethea moth mates diurnally and lay eggs nocturnally, eliminating this conflict (Collins and Weast, 1961).
This is the first study of polyandry in a wild saturniid silk moth.
If promethea polyandry provides females with seminal gifts, the only form of post larval nutrition possible for a saturniid moth, polyandry should be more common in silk moths.
Two species of saturniids were documented, both of which are new records for Washington County.
Adult saturniids were identified using the recent publication by Tuskes, Tuttle, and Collins (1996).
1999), Idaho is home to 7 species of saturniids and 17 species of sphingids.
The most highly valued wild silks ("tussah") are obtained from saturniid moths ("giant silkworm moths"), whose caterpillars feed in temperate rainforests on members of the beech family (Fagaceae), such as the oak Quercus semecarpifolia.
Harpactor angulosus (Reduviidae: Harpactorinae), a predator of Neotropical saturniids, Hylesia spp.
Notes on some saturniids from the province of Misiones, Argentina, including several new records for this country (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae).
Some of these, particularly saturniids, sphingids, and Datana species, have been surprisingly slow to recover after the cessation of DDT use.
I bought over half of the nymphalids used in these experiments from Finca Mariposa, a commercial butterfly farm in La Guacima; I collected most of the saturniids on private land near Lomas Barbudal National Park; and I was given several species of nymphalids from the butterfly farm at Rara Avis.