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Synonyms for saturation

the process of totally saturating something with a substance

the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid

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a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence

chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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Series of direct shear tests were conducted on reconstituted samples at in-situ landslide matrix material density by varying percent saturation to evaluate its likely effect on the mobilized shear strength.
Key word: Landslide, degree of saturation, cohesion, angle of internal friction, slope stability.
O3 regional oximetry delivers again on Masimo's technical prowess and gives clinicians access to valuable, accurate data about cerebral oxygen saturation," stated Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo.
In our opinion, it is reasonable to accept that all these studies of oxygen saturations after birth define the healthy SpO2 levels for the first 10 minutes of life.
The Oman Chapter of Society of Petrophysicist and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) recently organized a conference 'Remaining Oil Saturation - A Multi-dimensional Challenge' in Muscat.
It had been shown that nurses may not realise their patient is deteriorating, as their saturations are still within normal parameters.
And the objective of the study is to determine the range for the permissible value fort the Water Saturation exponent 'n' for the reservoirs located from the well logs.
To qualify for a portable system, an oxygen saturation must be taken at rest and on room air followed by an ambulatory saturation on room air and then a recovery saturation with the patient on oxygen.
Consequently, analyses were limited to samples with serum transferrin saturations greater than 45%, greater than 50%, and greater than 55%.
In the same journal, Paul Knekt of the Social Insurance Institution in Helsinki and his coauthors also report that people with transferrin saturations above 60 percent appear more likely to develop cancer.
The hydrocarbon assay of core from the first hole yielded saturations ranging from 12 to 17% by weight, with a weighted average of 15%.
Harris and colleagues collected data from 50 infants and children weighing 320 kg with baseline saturations under 90% (measured by pulse oximetry at the time of clinical assessment) undergoing surgical or catheterization procedures.
Geo2Flow's patented technology pulls together geological, petrophysical, and engineering data and interpretations to provide the most comprehensive solution for calculating reserves, modeling saturations, identifying reservoir compartments and predicting permeability.
Somanetics Corporation (Nasdaq:SMTS) today announced that the results of the first randomized, prospective and blinded study using the Company's INVOS(R) Cerebral Oximeter brain oxygen monitoring system showed statistically significant reductions in both stroke and the overall number of adverse clinical outcomes when the monitoring system was used to help manage regional brain blood oxygen saturation in cardiac surgery patients.
With the introduction of the N-395, designed for use with all patient populations in all clinical and intra-hospital transport environments, Mallinckrodt continues to address the prevalent challenge of precisely finding and consistently tracking patient blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, especially in the presence of motion.