saturation bombing

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an extensive and systematic bombing intended to devastate a large target

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Our troops, walking around completely exposed in open country, should be protected by tanks, and saturation bombing with cluster bombs should precede any British advancement, if only to eradicate hidden bombs planted by the Taliban.
Modern consumers are not free, either, for they are captive to the saturation bombing of modern advertising (with which Cavanaugh has some fun), which diverts them from worthy economic behavior.
ONE of the most controversial figures of WW2, Harris oversaw the air war against Germany, including the saturation bombing of cities, killing many civilians.
It is likely to happen again as well," said the Formby trainer, explaining the reason for the saturation bombing of this maiden.
The town was otherwise utterly devastated, looking like the target of a wartime saturation bombing.
Wasteful saturation bombing of questionable targets resulted.
The governor's media buys have been the advertising equivalents of B-52 saturation bombing.
His principled and courageous stand against the saturation bombing of German cities and the refusal of the British government to distinguish between the German people and the Nazi enemy remains a redeeming bright light in a dark period (his speech on the subject in the House of Lords in 1944 is said to have cost him the chance of becoming Archbishop of Canterbury).
It was a frightening time - the start of saturation bombing of munitions and engineering works in Coventry.
It also told of a 2-year-old girl who ran into the woods and survived America's saturation bombing.
CPFers lambasted the American military for its use of napalm, saturation bombing and deforestation--tactics they believed violated just war prohibitions against indiscriminate killing, total war, and excessive violence.
But, compared to what people were bracing themselves for, which was the "Shock and Awe" saturation bombing, these attacks have seemed limited.
If urban fighting increases, US strategy will veer toward old-fashioned saturation bombing.
America in pursuit of their of their interests, are addicted to saturation bombing.
Despite massive defoliation, saturation bombing, incursions into Cambodia and Laos, and prodigious intelligence efforts, we seldom found them.