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Synonyms for saturation

the process of totally saturating something with a substance

the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid

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a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence

chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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The two markets on the lowest-performing list with the highest REO saturation rates were Detroit (46.
Kelvin Evans, who has run bar and clothes shop Floyds on High Street for 12 years, applied to turn his business into a cafe-bar, but councillors refused his request as it was in a saturation zone.
The first research experiences outside England show that there are differences between saturation flow values originally referred by Webster and those obtained in local conditions, what after that became the subject of interest of numerous researchers.
At no point in the activity did I state that the 84 percent saturation of Ms Davies was of no concern.
Also, if a single-head machine is in hydraulic saturation, any pushout velocity changes the operator makes may have little or no effect on the pushout speed at the saturation point.
In this article, we present the results of a laboratory investigation on the influence of the saturation degree evaluated in term of coefficient of Skempton (B) varying between 13 and 90% on the behavior of granular sand.
Observation and conclusions made stepped from results derived from the use of data extract of saturation for the various models worked with (figures 2-7).
The other main requirement for a saturation mailing is that the mailing has to be sorted in walk sequence order.
In this particular case, the patient needs to be placed on 4 LPM of oxygen and a saturation documented.
Melissa Data shares tips on using Saturation Mail to save up to 25% on direct mail postage
The day rate contract will generate at a minimum approximately $35 million in revenue and 180 total utilization days and will involve three of the Company's key assets including the Kestrel, a dynamically positioned saturation dive support vessel, the Atlantic, a derrick barge, and a portable saturation diving system.
ORLANDO -- More is not necessarily better, at least when comparing saturation biopsy with standard biopsy for prostate cancer, Dr.
In fact, Chemark has determined that a space exists above maturity and below saturation, where growth potential exists beyond simple replacement and under the so-called saturation point of a market.
Sheriff's deputies are following last week's four-day saturation patrol of central Lancaster with a target-specific strategy.