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a governor of a province in ancient Persia

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In reality, he presides over several political satrapies manned by various oligarchs.
27) By turning nationalist forces in the "third world" and the Eastern European satrapies against an increasingly bankrupt Soviet Union, the Reagan Doctrine ultimately forced Moscow to change its behavior, thereby accomplishing the original strategic objective of containment.
It will hit the aggressor and all of those collaborating with it, including us, Sarkozy's France, and the collection of corrupt satrapies in the Gulf, setting their treasure on fire within an hour of any attack.
What's Wrong With Benevolence is an extended essay--107 pages--that Stove wrote between February and October 1989, as the Soviet Union's grip on its European satrapies was being broken.
Imperial power is sustained by the creation of satrapies that accept its economic priorities and strategic control".
The naval base served as the base for transferring the imperial troops to the satrapies in North Africa in case of emergency, as well as controlling the waters of the Persian Gulf.
Instead of describing the Persian satrapies as an effective way of collecting needed tax revenue in one of the largest empires of the ancient world, the Book of Ezra claims that Cyrus was charged by God to allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem and build a Temple.
Certain of his ideas to "Finlandize" the Cold War in Europe got nowhere and strike us today as slightly credulous: will not state power abhor a vacuum; would the Soviets have allowed its satrapies to have slipped so readily from their sphere of influence?
protectorate, akin to Britain's relationship with post-Ottoman Empire satrapies.