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Synonyms for satisfactory

Synonyms for satisfactory

being what is needed without being in excess

serving to convince

Synonyms for satisfactory

giving satisfaction

meeting requirements


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Besides, it is well known that acknowledgments, explanations, and compensations are often accepted as satisfactory from a strong united nation, which would be rejected as unsatisfactory if offered by a State or confederacy of little consideration or power.
Had this not been the case, the face of their proceedings exhibits a proof equally satisfactory.
Elizabeth was at no loss to understand from whence this deference to her authority proceeded; but it was not in her power to give any information of so satisfactory a nature as the compliment deserved.
However, the room was large, for a ship's stateroom, and was in every way satisfactory.
I can't imagine that he was a very satisfactory overseer," I said, smiling.
He gave full, satisfactory, and direct evidence on every point; and the prince's name was, thanks to this, not brought into the proceedings.
One of the most satisfactory letters that I have ever received from any one came to me from Booker last summer.
On the contrary, things seem satisfactory, ma cousine," said Pierre in the bantering tone he habitually adopted toward her, always feeling uncomfortable in the role of her benefactor.
The result is very satisfactory to the publishers, to me, and (I am quite sure) to the children.
This economy enabled him to buy a satisfactory decision when the cause of the quarrel was submitted to arbitration.
I have written the present volume because I have found no other that, to my mind, combines satisfactory accomplishment of these ends with a selection of authors sufficiently limited for clearness and with adequate accuracy and fulness of details, biographical and other.
But still I acknowledge that I am perplexed when I hear the voices of Thrasymachus and myriads of others dinning in my ears; and, on the other hand, I have never yet heard the superiority of justice to injustice maintained by any one in a satisfactory way.
And in token of all now being well and satisfactory, she opened her mouth a little, smacked her lips, and settling her sticky lips more comfortably about her old teeth, she sank into blissful repose.
He continued the treatment throughout the day, and by dinner-time had arranged everything with his conscience in the most satisfactory manner possible.
Having settled this satisfactory plan of future conduct in reference to Mr.