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the quality of giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement

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firms seem not to have reliable and structured databases from where to collect information to assess the success of the portfolio, much less of the level of satisfactoriness of the process of portfolio management;
Moral condemnation of historical actions which are understood to have been taken by this actor are then seen to threaten the security or satisfactoriness of the identity of present-day citizens.
Satisfactoriness, unconscious needs, and expectations can determine what experiences are recalled or may be blocked in the memory (Westen, 2006).
8] are satisfied with the proposed PSO algorithm, while the same specifications are not satisfactoriness with standard PSO.
5) in the 'oriental' are, and so the bigger 'gregarious' impact which is generated can compensate the bigger intrinsic satisfactoriness of the 'individualistic' behaviours.
Dialogue about the satisfactoriness of measures needs to take place within the agency, and between agencies and budget reviewers and others who monitor performance externally, e.
Worker satisfaction is a function of the correspondence between the work reinforcers of the environment and the individual's needs, and worker satisfactoriness is a function of the person's abilities and the work environment's ability requirements.
In the next paper, entitled Proposal of a Validation Framework for a New Measurement Model and its Application to the Export Performance Construct, Jorge Carneiro, Angela da Rocha and Jorge Ferreira da Silva present and analyze a comprehensive set of validation procedures to assess the satisfactoriness of measurement models of multifaceted constructs.
With this evidence, it becomes important to investigate the objective aspects of social support, such as, marital status, number of friends, frequency of contact, intensity of contact, existence or absence of intimate friends, social networks (youth groups, scouting, church groups, athletic centers) and subjective aspects, such as the individual's perception of the adequacy and satisfactoriness of the social support available to them (Ribeiro, 1999).
Questions relating to the satisfactoriness or otherwise of an ending do not arise, in a similar form, with the remaining two fictional manuscripts since both are unfinished.
Counselors may also initiate contact with clients' employers (with appropriate consent) to evaluate job satisfactoriness and conduct follow-up group counseling.
Analysis of variance tests showed significant differences across first-year majority and minority students on (a) POB full-scale scores and Career-Related Barriers subscale; (b) PACCC-RV-II full-scale scores, Contextual Satisfactoriness subscale, Contextual Satisfaction subscale, and Ethnocultural Difference subscale; and (c) MEIM full-scale scores; Affirmation, Belonging, and Commitment subscale; and Identity Search subscale.
78 for Contextual Satisfactoriness (measuring the degree to which individuals believe they can meet the demands of the university environment), and .
The performance measure used was the Minnesota Satisfactoriness Survey (MSS) (Gibson et al.
There was nothing wrong with focusing on the correspondence between satisfaction and satisfactoriness and trying to predict tenure.