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in a satisfactory manner

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I wish everything else might be settled as satisfactorily.
I couldn't have felt really and satisfactorily fine and proud and set-up over any title except one that should come from the nation itself, the only legitimate source; and such an one I hoped to win; and in the course of years of honest and honorable endeavor, I did win it and did wear it with a high and clean pride.
Miss Dearborn gave her every sort of subject that she had ever been given herself: Cloud Pictures; Abraham Lincoln; Nature; Philanthropy; Slavery; Intemperance; Joy and Duty; Solitude; but with none of them did Rebecca seem to grapple satisfactorily.
The second conclusion is that all the deputations composing the convention were satisfactorily accommodated by the final act, or were induced to accede to it by a deep conviction of the necessity of sacrificing private opinions and partial interests to the public good, and by a despair of seeing this necessity diminished by delays or by new experiments.
The officers and scientists aboard often discussed the beast, but they were unable to account satisfactorily for the strange ceremony with which he greeted each new face.
The Indian satisfactorily proved that the horse had been stolen from him some time previous, by some unknown thief.
In fact, these singular explosions have received fanciful explanations from learned men, and have not been satisfactorily accounted for even by philosophers.
LAHORE -- All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers ' union has demanded of the government to regularize the staff members working satisfactorily on contractual basis for years.
In a message for the 37th anniversary of Eternal Plans, Funa also lauded the company for its efforts to continue serving its clients satisfactorily despite the difficulties.
While the Commission cannot yet conclude that any of the benchmarks are satisfactorily fulfilled, it remains of the opinion that, with a continued political steer and a determination to advance the reform, Bulgaria should be able to fulfil the outstanding recommendations, and therefore satisfactorily meet the CVM benchmarks, in the near future.
7 lakhs and upto Rs 5 C to re the applicant should have satisfactorily completed works as per details below during the last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the one in which the tenders are invited.
His doctors say he continues to respond satisfactorily to treatment and is much better now than he was when he was admitted to hospital on the 27th of March 2013," President Jacob Zuma's office said in a statement.
He said local industry was fully capable to meet the demand of cars while the vendor industry was successfully and satisfactorily meeting their requirements of OEM parts.
His relationship with Roxanne (aka Roxy) seems to be progressing satisfactorily until they decide to celebrate V-Day, losing their virginity between their 16th birthdays; hers is on the 10th of December and his is on the 12th.
Castro "underwent a surgery from which he is recovering satisfactorily.