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Synonyms for satisfaction

Synonyms for satisfaction

Synonyms for satisfaction

the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire, need, or expectation

state of being gratified or satisfied

(law) the payment of a debt or fulfillment of an obligation

act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite

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Social desirability, psychological distress, and consumer satisfaction with mental health treatment.
Subsequent comparison of satisfaction scores to expectation scores would give a measure of how we were doing in addressing their requirements.
Their results demonstrated that the social interaction group outperformed the other groups (including collaborative and academic groups), and the collaborative interaction group expressed the highest level of satisfaction with their learning process.
For true culture change, the dominant culture should include a reliable process to define, measure, and deliver a high level of individual resident and family satisfaction.
The retired professors were surveyed in 1999, and the results of the survey indicated that the professors' postretirement work was related to their retirement satisfaction and to their overall life satisfaction.
Methods of determining patient satisfaction have been the subject of a fair amount of study and comment, and several measurement instruments have been developed.
A change in this image of satisfaction occurred with the Protestant Reformers.
The results were troubling, Rohr says, because they indicated a downward trend in employee satisfaction.
Increased participation of consumers in the research and exploration of more meaningful means of arriving at their opinions has been suggested by many experts in the consumer satisfaction area as viable research options (e.
Power and Associates customer sales satisfaction index, recovering from a slip to sixth place in 1999.
one SMGP specializing in back trauma discovered, through patient satisfaction results, that they should consider replacing soft sofas in their waiting room area with lumbar support furniture conducive to surgery patients
Loan officers indicated their confidence or satisfaction on an 11-point scale with 0 representing no confidence or satisfaction and 10 representing extreme confidence or satisfaction.
Ways must be found not only to reduce stress and prevent burnout but also to sustain a level of interest and job satisfaction among staff sufficient to ensure a high level of performance.