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Synonyms for satinwood

West Indian tree with smooth lustrous and slightly oily wood

hard yellowish wood of a satinwood tree having a satiny luster

East Indian tree with valuable hard lustrous yellowish wood

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Avodire, apaya, apeya, appayia, engan, lusamba, agbe, esu, olon, African satinwood, African white mahogany
Paul Tighe's son, David, on the disputed plot on Satinwood Crescent Pictures: COLIN LANE/ cl110408waddicar-4; The small triangle could hold the key to the area's drainage problems Code: cl110408waddicar-2
With it being new wood I primed, undercoated and then used satinwood to finish.
You also need to use quick-drying wood primer/undercoat and quick-drying eggshell, satinwood or gloss topcoat suitable for exterior use, which dry much faster than conventional oil-based paints.
Fashioned in the French manner and crafted from solid mahogany, the chest is crossbanded in kingwood and has four graduated drawers crossbanded in satinwood.
LAS VEGAS -- A service buffet featuring Swiss pearwood, walnut burl and tulipwood veneers, accented with a ribbon of Nigerian satinwood, was chosen as the top entry in the third annual Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge competition, announced during the AWFS Vegas Fair.
Before you store partially used tins of emulsion or satinwood paint a horizontal stripe on the outside of the can to correspond with the level of the remaining paint.
5AFTER you've painted the brackets and shelf with a couple of coats of emulsion paint or satinwood, screw the brackets to the wall
Contrasting cherry finish and framed borders of satinwood and walnut, Sorrento reflects the lifestyle of an elegant Italian villa.
Try sanding and painting yourself using satinwood and small rollers, or take your item to a spray finisher.
Choose a quick-drying satinwood or gloss for the exterior metal and woodwork because you'll get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes with oil-based paints.
These veneers will frequently use exotic timbers such as walnut, rosewood or satinwood.