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a weave in which the filling and warp threads intersect in such a way as to give a smooth compact surface with no distinguishable twill line

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Right: Satin Weave Almost always woven using thin, smooth filament to increase shine.
Air permeability results of different weaves like plain, twill and satin weave are shown in figure 1, 2 & 3 respectively.
The SE values of the plain weave fabric (S1, S2, S3), the twill weave fabric (S4, S5, S6), and the satin weave fabric (S7, S8, S9) are within different levels.
A similar process takes place in the case of a satin weave (Figure 5b).
The collection comprises four designs in a satin weave using cut-technique which gives the curtains fascinating light-and-shade effects and a semi-transparent look.
DKNY canvas with wrist strap, pounds 35, House of Fraser# PVC 'Mrs Beckham' purse, pounds 45, House of Fraser# Fendi black satin weave bag, pounds 365, Cruise# Pink beaded bag, pounds 25, John Lewis# Prada pink satin with lizard handle, pounds 240, Cruise# Coffee satin bag with flowers, pounds 18, John Lewis
An 8-harness (or end) satin weave has one fill line under seven and over one warp yarns.
It is available in plain weave and 8-harness satin weave.
Influence of the Internal Yarn Nesting (Shifting) on the Local Structural Response of a Satin Weave CompositeAn Experimental and Numerical Overview
Limited Tenders are invited for High Strength Satin Weave (8 H Style 7781) E - Glass Fabric
On Reflection, our windowpane dobby, we use a satin weave which makes the fabric shiny.
Textural surface interest is found in Fragmented Pucker in a stone colorway and Corrugated Weave in satin weaves incorporating a subtle slub.
Twintex is available as basic rovings or in plain, twill, or satin weaves, and in unidirectional, oriented, and three-dimensional fabrics.
Fabric manufacturers are taking up decorative elements from the seventies, using striped patterns in herring-bone and satin weaves, creating new Panama looks, reinventing the cavalry style and interpreting denim for workwear applications.