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an extensible membrane enclosing the contractile substance of a muscle fiber

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The contraction of the muscle fiber is triggered by action potential transmission deep within the muscle fiber through sarcolemmal membrane invagination's termed as transverse tubules (t-tubules).
Opening of cardiac sarcolemmal KATP channels by dinitrophenol separate from metabolic inhibition.
It describes that strenuous physical exercise, may cause muscle injury and results in rupture of sarcolemmal membrane and cause muscle proteins (such as CK and Mb) leakage into the bloodstream.
3,6) Current research suggests that several factors play a role in the development of rhabdomyolysis, such as decreased protein synthesis and sarcolemmal excitability, increased protein degradation, modifications in carbohydrate metabolism, mitochondrial changes and electrolyte disturbances.
Cardiac sarcolemmal Na+-Ca2+ exchange and Na+-K+ ATPase activities and gene expression in alloxan-induced diabetes in rats.
Myocyte apoptosis during acute myocardial infarction in rats is related to early sarcolemmal translocation of annexin A5 in border zone.
Dysferlin Interacts with Annexins A1 and A2 and Mediates Sarcolemmal Wound healing.
In addition the use of other sarcolemmal antibodies including domains of dystrophins, are to be studied for other types of dystrophies.
2002 Temperature dependent expression of sarcolemmal K currents in rainbow trout atrial and ventricular myocytes.
Researchers experimented on mice to explore the "fuel gauge" in muscles and found new evidence that treatments done to disrupt the sarcolemmal ATP-sensitive K+ (KATP) channels in muscles may help to limit obesity.
Hypotheses proposed include a catabolic effect on protein synthesis, increased protein degradation, altered carbohydrate or mitochondrial metabolism, or reduced sarcolemmal excitability.
imaging at the single cell and giant sarcolemmal patch level, but also some whole muscle and whole heart studies involving force measurements, rapid cooling contractures and Fourier transforms of scattered laser light intensity fluctuations.