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a tumor composed of granulation tissue resulting from injury or inflammation or infection

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16%) of necrobiotic granuloma, sarcoid granuloma and malakoplakia.
Sarcoid granuloma involvement of the thyroid was first described in 1938.
2 Sarcoid granulomas are epithelioid with variable giant cells, and lesions may be confluent (Figure 13, A).
However, sarcoid granulomas have no unique features, therefore stains for acid-fast bacilli and fungi must be obtained to eliminate infectious etiologies.
Histologically, sarcoid granulomas are rather superficial compared with Crohn.
10) It is hypothesized that sarcoid granulomas are formed in response to chronic antigenic stimulation of genetically susceptible Th-1 T cells and subsequent macrocyte-mediated inflammation.
For example, sarcoid granulomas can appear in the brain, spinal cord, and facial and optic nerves.