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of or relating to or resembling flesh


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Improvement required is for all marketing of Sarcoid Cleansing Salve to cease until such time as the product has either obtained a marketing authorisation or all the product material has been amended so that it is no longer presented for the treatment of an adverse health condition.
Diseases which can produce OCBs in CSF Infections Viral HIV, HTLV-I, SSPE, HSV Bacterial Tuberculosis, syphilis Inflammatory/ Sarcoid Immune-mediated SLE Behcet disease Sjogren's syndrome Limbic encephalitis Stiff person syndrome Paraneoplastic syndromes Miscellaneous Adrenoleukodystrophy OCBs = oligoclonal bands; CSF = cerebrospinal fluid; HTLV-I = human T-lymphotropic virus type I; SSPE = subacute sclerosing panencephalitis; HSV = herpes simplex virus; SLE = systemic lupus erythematosus.
Extra-thoracic sarcoid occurs in about 50% of cases.
Sacroiliitis, a manifestation of sarcoid arthritis, has been described occasionally.
An appointment was made for her to return to the clinic ten days later where she was investigated for the presence of Sarcoid, Toxoplasma gondii, Bartonella henselae, syphilis, Borrelia burgdorferi and tuberculosis, all of which can cause posterior uveitis.
I used to keep a list for my fellows of the psittacosis, nocardia, sarcoid, and other things that were masquerading as metastatic breast cancer," said Dr.
The lung cavities may be formed due to healed tuberculous lesions, histoplasma or sarcoid lesions, lung abscess, benign cysts, cystic bronchiectasis or cystic degeneration in malignancies (1), (2).
In sarcoid neuropathies, autoimmune and paraneoplastic diseases should also be considered?
Interleukin-1 expression in inflammatory myopathies: evidences of marked immunoreactivity in sarcoid granulomas and muscle fibres showing ischaemic and regenerative changes.
Table 1 Some causes of facial erythema Atopic eczema Seborrhoeic eczema Sebopsoriasis Allergic contact dermatitis Irritant dermatitis Photocontact dermatitis Rosacea Lichen planus Lichen planus actinicus Carcinoid Glutamate sensitivity Table 1 Some causes of facial erythema Diabetic rubeosis Topical steroids Alcohol flush 'Weather beating' Mitral stenosis Poikiloderma Rothmund-Thomsen Sarcoid Lupus erythematosus Dermatomyositis Pemphigus foliaceus Erysipelas Hansenosis Lymphoma Haemangioendothelioma Keratosis rubra faciei of Brocq Ulerythema ophryogenes Erythrose peribuccale of Brocq Riehl's melanosis Perioral dermatitis Erythromelanosis faciei et colli
The etiologies of their visual impairments included retinopathy of prematurity, glaucoma, retinal detachment, amaurosis, optic chiasm tumors, sarcoid growth, injury, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, retinal blastoma, macular degeneration, and unknown.