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newly formed outer wood lying between the cambium and the heartwood of a tree or woody plant

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Wood consists of sapwood and heartwood that will have different drying behaviors, and water in wood exists in two different environments (cell wall and cell lumen) with different physical behaviors.
The heartwood might present higher density, higher concentration of 'strange' materials such as oil, fat and phenolic compounds when compared to the sapwood, which affect permeability and consequently the adhesive movement, and can also interfere in the chemical reactions of the adhesive curing process (Iwakiri, 2005).
Heartwood and sapwood have different properties and their proportion within the tree will have a significant impact on the utilization of wood (Climent et al.
The house Longhorn Beetle is principally found in roof timbers, where it attacks the sapwood of exclusively softwood species, often resulting in severe structural weakness.
mangiferae and sapwood samples were collected from three severely infested orchards of Nawab pur, Lutfabad and Faiz pur bhatian, Multan, Pakistan.
Heartwood proportion and sapwood width variation along the tree stem were also evaluated.
Lignum vitae was popular not just for its toughness but for decorative reasons too: if the sapwood is also used, you get a strong, attractive contrast of colour between the light and dark wood.
The sol-gel coating was spray-coated on pine sapwood and cured with different temperature and time combinations.
Dehydration stress can lead to a loss in mechanical strength in re-wetted conifer sapwood due to structural changes of the cell walls and micro cracks [1, 2].
It appears that two inches of bark and sapwood have been burned off, leaving a well-charred inner section.
Surrounding the heartwood is the sapwood, made up of xylem cells.