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newly formed outer wood lying between the cambium and the heartwood of a tree or woody plant

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Heartwood should generally be more resistant to fungal colonization than sapwood, and the higher mold ratings on southern pine controls illustrate this difference.
It is the mockingbird of wood with sapwood that resembles ash, heartwood that looks like white oak and pecky wood that looks like elm or even chestnut.
The latter may be a factor for some of the pieces discussed here: for example, sapwood features prominently in the Florence platter (Figure 6)--its location at the base perhaps evoking a bowl half filled with amber liquid.
Keywords Sol-gel, Hybrid coating, Antisoiling, Thermal curing, Pine sapwood, Hydrophobicity, Oleophobicity
On 5 Nov 2007, all plants from both experiments were harvested, debarked along the main stem, and examined for dark outer sapwood discoloration.
It appears that two inches of bark and sapwood have been burned off, leaving a well-charred inner section.
A young tree's thick external layer of sapwood gradually turns to hardwood as the tree ages.
Surrounding the heartwood is the sapwood, made up of xylem cells.
Research on eucalyptus species as a raw material for pulp has not drawn a distinction between the sapwood and heartwood of E.
Holes were drilled deep enough to fully penetrate the sapwood.
Sapwood (xylem) moves water and nutrients from roots to leaves.
The beetles lay their eggs in trees and the resulting larvae bore into the wood, feeding on the tree's cambium, sapwood, and heartwood and impeding the movement of water and nutrients through the tree.
A YOU don't say so, but I would guess this is a softwood frame and the streaks are resin, oozing out of the sapwood.
Generally, extractives contents are highest in the heartwood, followed by juvenile wood and sapwood.