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a deposit of clay and disintegrating rock that is found in its original place

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Further condemnation auger drilling in Q2 and Q3, 2015 of several alternative plant sites intersected additional mineralized saprolite.
A 156% rise has been described by the exploration and development group in direct shipping ore and high-grade saprolite indicated resource, which now stands at 64.
The island's volcanic soil contained at least one surprise in weathered rock called saprolites.
The nature of strong subsoils formed in sedimentary materials will be compared with in situ granitic saprolite that occurs as a subsoil in many locations.
As at December 31, 2005, ANTAM's total saprolite nickel resources and reserves decreased by 12% to 112.
1): (I) a pre-Carboniferous weathering profile, 4-6 m thick, characterized by relithified clay-rich saprolite beneath a Carboniferous sedimentary sequence, (II) a pre-Triassic profile, approximately 30 m thick, characterized by unlithified saprolite beneath Triassic sandstone and shale; and (3) a pre-Pleistocene weathering profile with up to 3 m preserved, characterized by an arenaceous saprolite beneath Pleistocene till.
Seven of the wells are screened in the water table aquifer above the saprolite and the remaining well penetrates underlying bedrock.
Systematic regional saprolite geochemical surveys conducted in 2011--2012 over 45% of the Upper Puruni Concession identified a large, 20 km by 7 km, hydrothermal halo around Toroparu.
Positive results from bio-renewable organic acid leaching of both limonite and saprolite ores
In a study examining the relationship between the orientation and spacing of coarse, columnar peds in an acid, texture-contrast soil and jointing in the underlying bedrock, Walsh and Humphreys (2008) reported the presence of large amounts of smectite in the saprolite of an in situ weathered soil in the Pilliga State Forests in north-western New South Wales, Australia.
The holes were drilled into the saprolite, encountered at depths ranging between 2 and 27m.
Historical underground and recent surface trenching within and over the mineralisation at San Ramon, indicate that the saprolite contains similar approximately 1 g/t Au mineralization as the underlying primary mineralisation.
This review has indicated the existence of high grade saprolite nickel ore and broader limonite and saprolite mineralisation.
The rate at which saprolite is altered to soil is known as soil production, and its quantification is vital to assessing sustainable erosion rates in areas where soil loss, enhanced by overgrazing and deforestation, threatens productivity (e.
The mineral resources on the project are saprolite and transition dominated, which combined with the good infrastructure and low cost hydroelectric power in the district made the tried and tested pyrometallurgical route a key process option.