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a deposit of clay and disintegrating rock that is found in its original place

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On a combined basis, the average price received for sales of both saprolite and limonite ore in 2017 was $16.
However, the average price of both saprolite and limonite ore for the period was $16.
Systematic regional saprolite geochemical surveys conducted in 2011-2012 over 45% of the Upper Puruni Concession identified a large, 20 km by 7 km, hydrothermal halo around Toroparu.
The island's volcanic soil contained at least one surprise in weathered rock called saprolites.
The nature of strong subsoils formed in sedimentary materials will be compared with in situ granitic saprolite that occurs as a subsoil in many locations.
As at December 31, 2005, ANTAM's total saprolite nickel resources and reserves decreased by 12% to 112.
1): (I) a pre-Carboniferous weathering profile, 4-6 m thick, characterized by relithified clay-rich saprolite beneath a Carboniferous sedimentary sequence, (II) a pre-Triassic profile, approximately 30 m thick, characterized by unlithified saprolite beneath Triassic sandstone and shale; and (3) a pre-Pleistocene weathering profile with up to 3 m preserved, characterized by an arenaceous saprolite beneath Pleistocene till.
Perhaps no other subject has attracted as diverse multidisciplinary attention as paleoweathering profile with saprolite pseudo-stratified horizons due to relations to paleoclimatology, landscape evolution, and economic geology.
Reports on weathering forms and saprolites in north-central Quebec are lacking except for one made on a saprolite remnant in the Schefferville area (Figure 1) in connection with terrestrial Cretaceous deposits (Gross 1968).
2] Buli property, contains inferred saprolite resources of 40.
Boring and sampling showed a saprolite layer of weathered granite approximately 5 to 10-ft.
330 million WMT were saprolite ores or meidum-to-high-grade ones, which was 22 percent higher than the 1.
The shift in the company's focus to higher-value saprolite ore was also seen as a factor, especially in the first quarter when prices were firmer and the US dollar was stronger.
Because of significant rainfall, terrain, and saprolite material, a mixed mining equipment fleet is planned.
However, due to more favorable weather conditions this year, the Taganaan mine managed to ship 160 thousand WMT of limonite ore, while the Cagdianao mine shipped 53 thousand WMT of saprolite ore in the first quarter compared to no shipments from both mines during the same period last year.