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Synonyms for sappy

Synonyms for sappy

abounding in sap

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The soft, sappy growth produced by feeding beyond the end of August may not survive the winter.
Leap Year is a sappy road movie that clearly signposts every tiny pothole in the path to true love.
Let us denounce Valentine's Day as a conspiracy by florists and greetings card companies to pray upon our loneliness by flogging us over-priced red roses and sappy declarations of undying love.
Read on to find out how sweet Sterling really is (hint: sappy movies make him cry
Now, it was reported in the New York Post that my son Stephen sang a sappy version of Elton John's "A Candle in the Wind," at my funeral.
While not flat-out religious, this is the kind of tinkly, pro-faith heartwarmer that the easily moved mistake for art and the rest of us just call sappy.
We didn't want to cheat the seriousness of the subject, but we didn't want to make it overly sappy," he said at the Dec.
Set to the infernally tuneful songs of Harry Dubin and A1 Warren, these production numbers stand apart from the sappy, good-natured, backstage plots, in which pre-production code moral standards prevail (man and wife could then still share the same bed on celluloid).
Some of the voiceover by Morgan Freeman a bit sappy but overall, a great movie.
Still, if you can wade through the sappy reports of supposed miracles and the gushing of fellow sisters and other fans, readers will find some insight into the woman who, for better or worse, has shaped the church for the next generation.
Most reviews waxed and waned between giddy glee for these sodomites of the sagebrush and sappy salivation about The Tumescence in the Tent.
LOOSELY adapted from Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, The Perfect Catch is a sappy romantic comedy set in the baseball-worshipping city of Boston.
Are sentimental songs and sappy traditions as sure as candy canes to send you into holiday season insulin shock?
ADAPTED from Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, this is a sappy romantic comedy set in baseball-worshipping Boston.