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large tropical American evergreen yielding chicle gum and edible fruit

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It's definitely an inferior material," said Lentz, who reasons that the temple-builders would only have accepted logwood if they had run out of suitable sapodilla trees to harvest.
Gum had been discovered hundreds of years earlier by the Maya of southern Mexico - who found that a thick, milky liquid which oozed out of the wild sapodilla tree was very tasty.
Ten percent of the sapodilla trees were randomly sampled every month at each study site.
Balls of gutta percha, the dried sap of sapodilla trees, arrived in 1848, while by the early 1900s natural rubber had become the main material.
On a recent visit, I sat beneath aged sapodilla trees enveloped in gigantic elephant ears enjoying a surprisingly delicious lunch from the snack bar: a chicken empanada and a chicken salad sandwich on rosemary bread.
Originally, chicle, the resin from sapodilla trees, and spruce tree resin were used for gum base.
TROPICAL GUM TREE The Mayan Indians found gum growing in the jungles of Central America--inside sapodilla trees.
Traps were placed on sapodilla trees at a height of 4.
obliqua adult flies per trap per day (FTD) and percentage of females captured with traps baited with Captor + borax, CeraTrap, or Biolure in sapodilla trees.
Zamagiria dixolophella larvae were collected in sapodilla trees Manilkara zapota van Royen, in the following orchards: "El Nayar" (14[degrees]49'36"N and 92[degrees]20'52"W at 44 masl) and "Cazanares" (14[degrees]44'40"N and 92[degrees]24'20"W at 20 masl), both located in the municipality of Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico.