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Synonyms for sapodilla

large tropical American evergreen yielding chicle gum and edible fruit

tropical fruit with a rough brownish skin and very sweet brownish pulp

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2006) with torula yeast in orchards of mamey zapote and sapodilla (Manilkara zapota L.
Chickoo or Sapodilla is believed to be a native of Mexico and was brought to the Philippines by Spanish colonists.
Nesting Plants BLCA (b) WCPI(c) Red mangrove (a) Rhizophora mangle 6 5 Black mangrove (a) Avicennia germinans 6 5 Buttonwood (a) Conocarpus erectus 6 5 Sapodilla, sapote Manilkara zapota 6 Gumbo limbo, red birch Bursera simaruba 5 Seagrape (a) Coccoloba uvifera 5 Black torch (f) Erithalis fruticosa 5 Poisonwood Metopium spp.
Although Diego de Landa, the sixteenth-century bishop of the Yucatan who infamously burned the Maya codices, never admitted to chewing chicle himself, he did praise the taste of sapodilla in his Relacion de las cosas de Yucatan, written about 1566.
But after that date, large sapodilla logs were almost entirely replaced in temple construction by logwood, a smaller, gnarly tree that is almost impossible to carve.
Today most chewing gums are made with synthetic gum bases; however, there are certain gums still available on the market that are made from chicle, a latex extracted from the trunk of Manilkara zapota, more commonly known as the Sapodilla Tree.
Balls of gutta percha, the dried sap of sapodilla trees, arrived in 1848, while by the early 1900s natural rubber had become the main material.
While rambutan and other fruits such as mamey sapote (mam-EY sa-PO-tey), lychee, longan, carambola, mangosteen, and sapodilla may not be typical stateside fare, they are often the center of attention at TARS.
This very highly recommended CD recording presents sixteen wonderfully entertaining and lively tunes that include All Around the Kitchen (3:44); Amahlittle Pumpkin (3:43); ABC (5:36); Magahmoto (5:06); Sapodilla (3:38); Dreadee (5:09); Birthday Thing (3:03); Donkey Cart (3:12); You Are My Sunshine (4:14); Picoplat Calypso (4:49); Hope (5:36); Dub-ABC (5:36); Dub-Birthday (3:07); Dub-Cookie (3:48); and Dub-Kitchen (3:46).
The Mayans produced chewing gum over 300 years ago by boiling the sap of the sapodilla tree.
49 Which sweet stuff is traditionally - though not much nowadays - made from the latex of the sapodilla tree?
To the north, it is bordered by the Sapodilla Lagoon.
In Central America, it was the resin of the Sapodilla tree that was the gum of choice.