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Synonyms for sapience

deep, thorough, or mature understanding

Synonyms for sapience

ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight

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Becoming a member of SUGEN is for SAPience and its Belgian members the next step in developing the SAP user network.
Homo Sapience has a 'mind,' traditionally understood as personalization of brain.
43) But perhaps she need not have been so fearful: any sapient species, at any period of its sapience, must come to understand its dependence and interdependence.
In a complex innovation ecosystem embracing democratic and utilitarian principles, and which depends for its success on the salience and sapience of its agents, it is the responsibility of elected government to ensure the playing field remains as even as possible and focused on system fitness rather than that of discrete system components.
For his part, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah praised the King's sapience, hailing his efforts to show the true image about Islam in the various international meetings.
Chineur is owned by the Marquesa de Moratella, whose red colours have been worn by The Fellow, Trainglot, Sybillin and Ebor winner Sapience.
His 350 winners on the level included the Princess Of Wales's Stakes and the Ebor with Sapience, and the Cesarewitch twice with Trainglot and Kayudee.
Former champion Pat Eddery, who rode Sapience to victory in the Ebor and Princess of Wales's Stakes for FitzGerald, said: "He was a lovely man and I really enjoyed riding for him.
28) Marguerite's device, a caduceus made up of an olive branch and two entwining snakes ('de l'Olive, ensemble du Serpent, sinifiant ainsi, toutes choses estre regies, et gouvernees par sapience, ou sagesse'), (29) is reminiscent of the caduceus, symbol of Eloquence and Reason and attribute of Peace personified, which Caesar passes to the young Francois I in a manuscript illumination by Godefroy le Batave in Les Commentaires de la Guerre Gallique, dated 1519.
Moore, "La Morale de Sapience et la question de I'Immaculee Conception"; Myra Orth, "Les Puys en images.
THE Freemason Lodge handler strikes again in the Yorkshire Cup when Rock Hopper (Pat Eddery) gamely holds off David Elsworth's Sapience (R Cochrane) and Paul Cole's 1990 St Leger winner Snurge (T Quinn).
It acknowledges the sapience of country to the extent that country is figured as a registry of births, marriages, deaths and other events.
Doctrines such as the Trinity seem irrelevant to Christian life because their aretegenic function has been occluded by theologies which have lost their orientation to sapience.
sapience d'oume puet bien toutes les raisons que femme puet dire fraindre et
By contrast, although some of the brain's regulatory functions may be replaced mechanically, the brain's functions of awareness, sentience, and sapience, and its capacities to experience and communicate cannot be reproduced or simulated by any machine.