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a Hindu religious mendicant

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Anandmath is basically the story of the Hindu sanyasi rebellion of the late eighteenth century in North Bengal of India against rule of the Muslim nabobs.
The Sanyasi rebellion is the subject of novels and patriotic songs, and it had a significant effect on the anti-British campaign during the twentieth century.
Latif in his poetry addresses these Jogis as Sanyasi, Kapri, Kankat, Langotya.
Later, it is the same widow, Ralph thinks, who retransforms Gurudeva into an ascetic, a true "Aryan" readied for the final stage in spiritual evolution as a sanyasi.
It offers the perfect opportunity to sign up to Hinduism, thus becoming a Sanyasi - one who has renounced all worldly possessions.
And he impressed me by getting rid of his six-pack to become a naga sanyasi in the movie," said Paul.
Gadkari, who touched Baba Ramdev's feet, defended his action, saying that: "Our culture is that when there is a sanyasi, we seek his blessings.
BABA RAMDEV: Anna is an elderly man and can never be a competitor to a sanyasi (saint).
When questioned as to why he chose to pay up, Nithyananda said, "When a crorepati like Aircel Sivasankaran can be arm twisted into paying up, what option did a sanyasi like me have.
The author does not try to trace the origin of Sanyasi but mentions their arrival in Lalitpur town through Dhunibesi, Dhading district, where they had made their abode before entering the Valley (p.
Tenders are invited for Laying of cc road from mahankali sanyasi house 7-7-10 to t venkanna house 7-71 and potnuri marniraju house 7-7222 to naviri manga house in 7th ward yeleswaram nagar panchayat
When a saffron-clad Hindu sanyasi greeted him with folded hands, Pope Francis reciprocated in the same manner.
He first created pressure to get his name recommended, and when that was done, he refused to take the award saying he was a sanyasi," state Congress president Kishore Upadhyay alleged.
They were identified as Bakuri Kumari alias Mangeli, Pangi Sobhan, Pangi Arjuna Rao, Pangi Rambabu, Dippala Prasad, Vantala Appa Rao, Muvvala Sanyasi Rao and Sivarathri Tulasi, Jarta Swami Dora and Pangi Malleswara Rao.
He later became a Sanyasi, (one who renounces the world), took the name Baba Ramdev and began teaching yoga.