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a Hindu religious mendicant

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The Mathas of Dasanami Sanyasis of Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley.
It contains 6 chapters: the first chapter deals with the 'Introduction' of the Dasanami Sanyasis of Lalitpur.
They were identified as Bakuri Kumari alias Mangeli, Pangi Sobhan, Pangi Arjuna Rao, Pangi Rambabu, Dippala Prasad, Vantala Appa Rao, Muvvala Sanyasi Rao and Sivarathri Tulasi, Jarta Swami Dora and Pangi Malleswara Rao.
He later became a Sanyasi, (one who renounces the world), took the name Baba Ramdev and began teaching yoga.
There he trained under a former national wrestler Hansraj, also known as ' Sanyasi Hansraj' for his nomadic lifestyle.
Despite all this, the passengers can comfortably seat themselves and allow rickshaw puller Sanyasi Jana to take them to their destination.
Sanyasi Jana is a pleasant, well-behaved man with no vices who loves to spend any extra money he earns on the animals and the plants, says Bakshi.
The rickshaw draws my daughter out of our flat here every morning and Sanyasi allows her to hold the birds," says Lake Town resident Shilpa Chandi.
Both in the Tarai and western hills they still function as genealogists and match-maker for the other twice-born castes, though Bhat elsewhere in the hills are more usually the offspring of irregular unions between Brahmans and or Sanyasi (Gaborieau 1978: 180 and 217-8.
TAKING a serious note of the declaration made by a self- styled sanyasi based in Bilaspur town, 119 km from Shimla, barring Dalits from entering a temple, the Himachal Pradesh High Court on Tuesday issued contempt of court notices to the senior functionaries of the district.
Shudras ( Dalits) not allowed to enter the temple of Sanyasis.
Shyam' was the also link between Joshi and Asimanand, a sanyasi who ran an ashram in the Dangs district of Gujarat, and is named as the mastermind in the Ajmer and Malegaon blasts.
The procession was led by a drumbeating Naga sanyasi on horseback.
Devotees waited for hours to witness the royal procession of sadhus, including ash- smeared Naga sanyasis.